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About Coppell

Parks & Trails

​​​At this time, all Coppell trails and green spaces remain open. 

The following are CLOSED until further notice:
  • Playgrounds
  • Select Park Restrooms and drinking fountains
  • Basketball Courts
  • Volleyball Courts​
  • Waggin' Tails Dog Park

We are unable to disinfect park equipment and furnishings in a manner to totally eradicate the potential spread of COVID-19. We urge you to continue to practice social distancing measures when in the parks or on the trails. Users must follow the No Gathering guidelines and maintain 6 feet of space from others. ​​

Click herefor the latest information about closures and community impacts.

Click here for the Coppell Parks & Recreation Re-Opening Plan.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Parks & Facilities Map


PARK HOURS: Parks are open 30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset. Please refrain from park use after dark.




​1. Allen Road Park​400 N. MacArthur Boulevard​5.5​XX​​X​X​X
​2. Andrew Brown Park Central  364 N. Denton Tap Road ​8X​X​​XX​
​3. Andrew Brown Park East (take a virtual tour)​260 E. Parkway Boulevard​118X​X​X​ X​X​X​X
​3. Kid Country Playground 260 E. Parkway BoulevardX​​XX​
​4. Andrew Brown Park West ​363 N. Denton Tap Road ​52X​X X X​​X X​XX
​5. Denton Creek Park* ​West Denton Creek​52​X
​6. Grapevine Creek Park 600 Moore Road ​33.1
​7. Grapevine Springs Park700 S. Par​k Road ​23X​​X​X​X
​8. Hunterwood Park   553 Anderson Avenue ​7.7X​​X​X​X
​9. MacArthur Park 400 S. MacArthur Boulevard​17​XX​​X
​9. Waggin' Tails Park​​400 S. MacArthur Boulevard​2.5
​10. Magnolia Park​600 Levee Place ​27X​​X​XX​​X
​11. Moore Road Park  ​600 N. Moore Road30​X XX​X​
​12. Riverchase Park 1401 Glade Point Drive ​.5X​
​13. The Duck Pond Park 400 E. Bethel School Road ​5​XX​​XX​​X
​14. Thweatt Park 101 N. Coppell Road ​5​XX​X​
​15. Villawood Linear Park* 575 Villawood Drive ​3.3
​16. Wagon Wheel Park  345 Freeport Parkway ​153​XX​X​X​X​X​X​​X​X
​16. Coppell Nature Park 345 Freeport Parkway​66​X​X​X​X​X
​17. Woodhurst Linear Park402 Woodhurst Drive ​3.9
* Denotes undeveloped park






Pond, Stream



Jogging Trail​TennisLacrosse

Baseball or Softball



​A. Parks and Recreation Administration Offices ​255 E. Parkway Boulevard
A. Town Center Plaza 255 E. Parkway Boulevard
​A. Helping Hands Community Garden ​255 E. Parkway Boulevard
​B. Parks and Recreation Service Center Offices​816 S. Coppell Road
​C. The CORE​ ​234 E. Parkway Boulevard
​D. Senior and Community Center​345 W. Bethel Road
​E. Wagon Wheel Tennis Center  ​950 Creekview Drive
​F. Biodiversity Education Center ​367 S. Freeport Parkway
​G. Rolling Oaks Memorial Center​400 S. Freeport Parkway
​H. The Square at Old Town ​768 W. Main Street
​H. Main Street Interactive Fountain​768 W. Main Street​​​
​I. Heritage Park ​700 S. Coppell Road
​J. Ground Delivery Community Garden​450 S. Denton Tap Road


​The Main Street Fountain is the perfect place to cool off as the days get warmer! The fountain is located next to the Farmers Market Pavilion and playground at 768 W. Main Street. The 2020 season will begin on Friday, May 1, 2020. 

​Main Street Interactive Fountain Hours
Sunday - Friday 9 AM - 9 PM
Saturday8 AM - 9 PM


Pavi​lions are available for rent to Corporate and Coppell Residents.  For more information on pavilions or other rental facilities please click here.  


​Coppell’s trail system currently consists of approximately 14 miles of multi-use hike and bike trails, a 1.1 mile decomposed granite soft running trail, and 5 miles of preserved nature trails. Since 2015, the trail system has been expanded by 25%, and future plans include 6.5 additional miles in the next 2 years, including providing greater connectivity to surrounding cities. ​

The system is a master-planned greenbelt trail beginning at the area along Denton Creek in the Andrew Brown Community Park system. View the Trails System Map 

View the 
Trail Implementation Master Plan
The vision for the continuation of the trails system is to provide easy access at any point within the City, and connect to the regional trail system linking other surrounding communities.  

Safe Routes to School

Lightning Prediction System

A lightning prediction system is in place in some of the busier park sites and along some trails within the City. The system is designed to alert park, trail and ballfield users that the conditions are favorable for lightning strikes.

When conditions are right, the system will sound an alarm. A warning can provided 8 to 20 minutes before a potential strike occurs. The system monitors a 2-mile radius around the unit. When activated, those in the area should seek shelter immediately. The lightning prediction system operates from 7 AM - 11PM, seven days a week. ​

Park visitors should always assess weather conditions before going outside and always be prepared to take the appropriate action needed to ensure safety.​

​Andrew Brown West/Central/East and Moore Road Park​Four units cover all passive trails, pools and sports fields in the area. 
​Wagon Wheel Park ​Three units cover trails, fields and Wagon Wheel Tennis Center
​MacArthur Park ​One u​nit located between the playground and ballfields
​Pinkerton Elementary School ​One unit covers two ballfields​​