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Green Team

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The ecoCoppell ​Green Team was formed in 2007.  It is a multi-departmental committee that influences sustainability practices within the City of Coppell.


To ensure a desirable community, the City of Coppell will:     ​    

Commit to evaluate, comply and improve environmental standards;​eco coppell wcoc.jpg
utline strategies to minimize impacts on the environment;
Protect natural resources by managing our activities;

Promote and continually improve the efficient use of resources;​

Educate others;

L​o​ok for ways to live in a safe and healthy community; and

Lead as a proactive model within the region.

Early on, the Green Team focused strictly on the "environmental stewardship" dimension of sustainability. More recently, the Green Team has broadened the focus to include the "social responsibility" and "economic prosperity" dimensions of sustainability.

Recent Successes of the Green Team (2016, 2017):

    • A subcommittee assisted in the preparation of the Citywide Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan,
    • Purchased two bicycle fix it stations (one of which was installed in Old Town and one in a location yet to be determined in Andy Brown)
    • Implemented an organization-wide selfie challenge raising awareness of the ecoCoppell and promoting the use of tumblers in place of water bottles.
    • Using water coolers at city events (now lemonade/tea/water coolers) rather than water bottles.
    • EcoCoppell Fun Wheel at the Independence day celebration.
    • Tip of the Month added to staffnet and to employee newsletter.
    • New Staffnet Green Team page
    • Participated at Earthfest (gave away popcorn, T-shirts, reusable grocery bags, bicycle bottles promoting safety)
    • Organized a Green Day for city employees (purchasing expo of green products),
    • Held a meeting with the administrative staff and Staples vender to advise of green products and methods of procurement,
    • Give-Aways (herb garden, gift cards, coozies, tumblers, flash drives) promoting ecoCoppell and sustainable practices,
    • Each year, the Green Team gives an EcoCoppell Award to the person or Department that has demonstrated the most noteworthy sustainable innovations that year.  In 2016 the City's Finance Department received the award and more recently, in 2017, the Fleet Services Division received it.
    • Participating in the onboarding process for new employees (Green Team Representative gives tumbler and information about the Green Team and EcoCoppell). ​

As an organization, the City has adopted several green policies throughout the years:​

Idling Policy for City Vehicles:

Vehicle idling is restricted however, it is allowed for safety, emergency response, vehicle maintenance, equipment activity, warm-up/operations in cold temperatures, and manufacturer recommended minimum idle/warm-up times. 

Environmental Management System (EMS):

An Environmental Management System is the City of Coppell's systematic approach to consider environmental impacts in routine decision-making and day-to-day operations, through establishing a framework for tracking, evaluating and communicating environmental performance.

Clean Fleet Ordinance:

The Clean Fleet Ordinance directs our efforts with regard to vehicle procurement, maintenance and operations. It is designed to lower the organization's impact on the environment, specifically air quality. A compliance reporting aspect is also included. 

The City shall makes every effort to purchase and use materials, products and services that are economically responsible, that support the organization's economic, environmental and social goals and that reduce resource consumption and waste within federal, state, and local laws. 

The Solid Waste Ordinance directs the contract for citywide collection, hauling, and disposal of solid waste and processing of single stream residential and City recycling, including recycling yard trimmings. 

Storm Water Management Plan:

The Storm Water Management Plan (SWMP) addresses six minimum control measures as required by state regulations. The minimum control measures, when implemented in concert, are expected to result in significant reductions of pollutants discharged into receiving water bodies citywide. The six MS4 program minimum control measures are:
Public Education and Outreach;
Public Participation/Involvement;
Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination;
Construction Site Runoff Control;
Post-Construction Runoff Control;
Pollution Prevention/Good Housekeeping.

This ordinance provides protection of the quality of stormwater runoff into the municipal separate storm sewer system.
In January 2012, the plant palette of the Zoning Ordinance was revised. Additions and deletions were made to the plant palette based on water usage, drought & heat tolerance and disease resistance. This influences the plant types used in all non-residential applications citywide.

To see other ecofriendly initiatives sponsored by th​e City of Coppell, visit​.
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