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Sustainability Data

​​​​​​​​​​​​​performance measures/indicators


The City takes deliberate steps to be sustainable and environmentally friendly.  The performance measures/indicators tracked by the City's Green Team demonstrate the success of the sustainable practices that are in place in the organization and citywide. Water, electricity and gas consumption are tracked at all city-owned facilities.  The citywide sustainability effort can be seen by measuring the donations given at the community garden, the amount of recycling diverted from the landfill on "Green Wednesday",  the amount of prescription drugs received at the drug take-back initiative and the quantity of community programs and participants.  Each of these are measured below.  

(updated for FY 2016).


Total water consumption for all city owned facilities is represented above.  The City of Coppell looks to reduce consumption at each city facility through utilizing low flush toilets, low flow faucets, rain sensors and drip irrigation where possible.  The recent xeriscaping/beautification projects along Denton Tap and Sandy Lake have seen a reduction in water consumption through more efficient irrigation techniques. In 2012, Coppell amended the Zoning Ordinance to incorporate xeriscaping/Texas Smartscaping. Additions and deletions were made to the commercial plant palette based on water needs, drought & heat tolerance and disease resistance.  The Texas Smartscape Webpage is a good resource if your looking to improve upon your landscape at your home.  The City's Water Conservation Plan outlines irrigation techniques, gives tips on how to conserve water at home and at the office and lists ​the five stages of water conservation. 

​ ​

In the chart above, the yearly gas consumption at all city facilities is normalized by the total facility area (MCF per square foot per year).  A reduction in gas consumption per square foot at all city facilities over the past three years can partially be attributed to better insulated buildings.​


In the chart above, the yearly electric​ consumption at all city facilities is normalized by the total facility area (KWH per square foot per year).  A reduction in consumption is in partially due to the facility upgrades in efficiency (lighting, air conditioning and utilization of more energy efficient appliances).​


The City of Coppell's fleet is getting greener.  The hybrid & alternative fueled vehicles are represented in green while the standard vehicles are shown in blue.  When replacing and adding new vehicles, Fleet Services goal is to specify and procure the cleanest, most efficient and smallest platform that will meet the needs of our customer departments, ensuring they can provide the services required of them. Our policies also include a requirement to replace all vehicles and equipment with a cleaner, more fuel efficient and more environmentally friendly version. ​


The Citizens of Coppell have been diverting both recycling material and yard trimmings from the landfill.  Residential yard trimmings are collected on "Green Wednesday" and taken to Living Earth Technology compost facility. Yard trimmings are compostable green material such as leaves, grass, bedding and garden plants, tree and hedge clippings.  ​Recycling is also picked up on "Green Wednesday".  A list of acceptable recyclables can be found on the Environmental Health Division's Trash & Recycling Page​.​​ ​

The award winning Coppell Community Garden cultivates a healthy community with communal spaces where gardeners can actively participate in the joys of gardening, learn about organic gardening together, and share produce grown with the Metrocrest food pantry. The monthly harvest for 2012-2016 is depicted above.

​ ​

The annual donated harvest totals are represented above.  The totals are anticipated to increase as the Coppell Community Garden has recently expanded to a third location at the Coppell Community and Senior Center.  This garden is steadily growing in size and "building community" along the way. ​​

Coppell is increasing the number of programs with the addition of the Biodiversity and Education Center, commonly known as the BEC.  The grand opening demonstrated the success of public and private partnerships to realize an environmental education center in the 66 acre Coppell Nature Park. The City of Coppell works with the Friends of the Coppell Nature Park and Keep Coppell Beautiful to provide programs for all ages, nature trail maintenance, and tours for teachers and students.  The increase in programs and participants can be seen in the graph above after it was completed in April 2014.​  The use of solar technology in the design serves as an example of how using alternative energy sources can lessen the impact on the environment and offset some of the energy costs.  

The graph below depicts the energy production​ and consumption at the BEC.  The energy created is shown in green.


To see other ecofriendly initiatives sponsored by th​e City of Coppell, visit​.
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