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Allies in Community

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Allies in Community™ is a program that builds relationships through common ground, fosters a deep sense of belonging, and enhances residents’ active engagement in the City of Coppell.

Building relationships through common ground.

As part of its larger community engagement initiative beginning in 2014, the City of Coppell has built a strong foundation of knowledge and awareness to best serve residents of all cultural backgrounds. Informed by conversations with community stakeholders and the findings from the Fall 2017 Community Survey, Allies in Community™ will extend this foundation into the community by bringing together cohorts of 30-40 residents and city employees to attend fun, hands-on workshops. 

Allies™ cohorts will learn to celebrate their differences, building strong, enduring partnerships with one another as they work together to discover ways to meaningfully contribute to the community.

Fostering a deep sense of belonging.

Allies in Community™ encourages Coppellians of all generations, cultures, and tenures of residence in the City to contribute to the community organizations, events, programs, and initiatives that have made Coppell a great place to live. Designed to cultivate a sense of ownership in the success of the Coppell community, Allies™ workshop content and collaborative, cohort-driven service projects will inspire citizens to invest in a shared vision of sustaining Coppell’s continuing legacy as a Family Community for a Lifetime.

Enhancing residents’ active engagement.

With a renewed sense of responsibility for securing a bright and thriving future for the City of Coppell, Allies in Community™ cohorts will graduate with a commitment to welcome and empower other citizens in meaningful civic engagement. 
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