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Allies FAQs

​​Frequently Asked Questions​

What is an Ally?

An Ally is an active member of the community who wants to work with new people to build bridges between diverse cultures, create understanding, and promote an inclusive, civically engaged community. Allies also share some important traits. Click here to view some of those traits. 

Do I need any special qualifications to participate in Allies in Community?

No — anybody can be an Ally! Coppellians of all generations, cultures, and tenures of residency in the City are encouraged to get involved in this unique program.

How do I get involved with Allies in Community?

The Allies in Community program operates in cohorts. The same group of 30-40 community members and City staff meets from early fall (usually September) through late spring (Typically April or May), then a new cohort starts the following fall. Cohorts are formed via an application process that usually opens in the summer months. Check the main Allies in Community page at as well as the City of Coppell's homepage for information on how to apply for the next cohort.

What is the time commitment for Allies?

Allies meet about every six weeks on Saturdays from 9 am – 1 pm for a total of six sessions. In addition, Allies will attend community events and group workshops outside of regular Saturday sessions.

What are the Allies sessions and workshops like?

Sessions include information, education, and an open discussion with cohort members and DiversityWealth leaders centered around a different themed module each session. (i.e. Identity, Trust and Belonging). The structured format of the sessions is designed to create a safe and inclusive environment where all viewpoints can be expressed freely and respectfully. Offsite group workshops will include a hands-on activity to further explore the theme presented in the module, such as sharing a meal or exploring a new place.

What is the Allies in Community program looking to achieve?

The goal of the Allies in Community program is to first form relationships and understanding between cohort members by learning how people from diverse cultures and backgrounds make decisions, interact, and think in order to find common ground. Cohort members will then take what they've learned and share it with others, with the hope of creating a culturally inclusive environment where everybody feels welcomed and empowered to contribute to the community in a way that is meaningful to them. ​

Please contact​ with additional questions.