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Environmental Health

Fee Schedule, Forms and Applications

​Fee Schedule & Forms and Applications

Food Establishment Fees:
Temporary Permit$50.00
Non-Profit Temporary Food Permit$25.00
Seasonal Permit$100.00
Plan Review Fee$100.00
Reinspection Fee50% of annual permit fee
Permanent Establishment Fees: (Annual Permit)
Grocery Store  $150.00 per department
High Priority Food Establishments$400.00
Medium Priority Food Establishments$300.00
Low Priority Food Establishments$250.00
Mobile Food Vending Fees: (Annual permit)
High Priority Mobile Unit$300.00
​​Medium Priority Mobile Unit$250.00
Low Priority Mobile Unit$200.00
Swimming Pool Fees: (Annual Permit)
Public Pool or Spa$200.00 annually
Reinspection Fee50% of annual permit fee
Plan Review Fee$100.00
Public Interactive Water Features (PIWF)$10.00 for each additional truck

Forms and Applications: