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Buy in Coppell Scavenger Hunt

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Now more than ever, Coppell businesses need your support! When you shop at our small businesses, our community benefits, our businesses benefit, and our economy benefits. Coppell has a variety of small retailers that offer one-of-a-kind products that you can't find anywhere else. Support your community and shop local, whether that's online, over the phone, through an app or via curbside pickup! When you shop local, be vocal! Snap a picture with your purchase, delivery or meal and upload it to social media with the hashtag #BeVocalShopLocal! Then tag the City of Coppell and let us know all about your experience! 

Residents are encouraged to Buy in Coppell to help keep the local economy strong! While following social distancing guidelines, gather your family and have fun while supporting Coppell businesses. Up for a scavenger hunt?!

How it works

Whether you explore their products and services online for a later purchase, or you swing by for retail-on-the-go, try your hand at our scavenger hunt and test your knowledge of our local businesses! Here's how it works:

  • Check the City of Coppell's Facebook and Twitter accounts for daily (weekdays only) scavenger hunt clues from Monday, May 4 through Friday, May 15. On Monday, May 18, an expanded list of clues will be posted to
  • Let us know when you solve the clue! Snap a photo of the storefront (while following all social distancing rules) or your purchase and post it to social media with #BeVocalShopLocal and tag the City of Coppell! 
  • While we encourage you to make a purchase to support our local businesses, a purchase is not required for participation in the scavenger hunt. 


Clue 1:

What’s pink, and frilly, and leaps in the air? 

Where do you curtsey, and bow with flair? 

Go to this place for your next clue of fun, 

Just make sure to wear your long hair in a bun! ​

Clue 2:

In Coppell it should be not much of a surprise 

All the parks and trails are great exercise! 

Go to this store to stock up on shoes. 

Because Running is a great way to avoid those quarantine BLUES!

Clue 3:

This is a place you go quickly when you’re really sick, 

They may need to give your little finger a prick. 

But TRUST them we do to make us feel better. 

If we follow their directions right down to the letter 

Clue 4:

This is a place for the littles of Coppell. 

To go when they aren’t feeling very well. 

They’ll look down your throat when you are feeling sick 

You really can’t go wrong with this pediatrics! 

Clue 5:

He once served on Council for our wonderful City, 

and he’s made backyards in Coppell look really pretty. 

Go to Old Town Coppell cause its really cool, 

And while you’re there, go to his store to buy items for your pool. ​

Clue 6:

What's rubber and round and black as the night?

Where do you go to make sure your car is alright?

When you go here your car will have a Good Year,

Go to this place then you'll be in the clear!

Clue 7:

Furry and fuzzy, wiggly and great 

Take your Doggies here for a little play date. 

If your dog has energy and needs to be socialized 

Go to this camp and be wonderfully surprised 

Clue 8:

Snip and trim, cut and blow dry 

After this quarantine we all need to give this place a try 

Polish your nails and dye your hair 

Go to this salon for a dose of self-care 

Clue 9:

Red, Yellow, Orange, or Blue 

This is the store that has the right colors for you! 

From swatches to brushes to color matching galore, 

This place all your paint needs and more! ​

Clue 10:

This is the place where the Idea is King! 

Go here to let creativity ring. 

Down in Old Town let your ideas play there part, 

Where the motto is “Because you gotta have Art!” ​