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Citizen Summit 2017


The Citizen Summit jumpstarted the Vision 2040​ planning process. Approximately 84 residents gathered at the Cozby Library on September 21, 2017​ after answering a call from elected officials asking, "What would you like Coppell to look like in 20, 30 or 40 years?" Participants received a brief overview then divided into five groups that tackled different issues:

  • Business & Economic Development
  • Transportation
  • Effective City Government
  • Mind, Body & Enrichment
  • Where would you like to see Coppell in 2040?

After discussing various topics, each group catalogued and voted on the topics that they felt were most important. The exercise was intended to get residents thinking about planning for the future, and the bullet points below are part of the creative brainstorming process.

  • Business & Economic Development
    • City-wide Wi-Fi, bury power lines
    • Incentives for redevelopment of aging centers - help circulation, facelift of facades, etc.
    • Decide who we want to be and create a strategy that determines what types of businesses we want and how we want to grow
    • Redevelopment - how do you redevelop existing space to enhance and improve Coppell? What businesses will drive traffic to a center?
  • Transportation
    • Bus and transportation plan
    • Bike lane/trails to connect to other cities
    • Pedestrian walkway over the street
  • Effective City Government
    • Citizen engagement
    • Smart phone app, City sponsored, with voice capability
    • Facility Utilization
    • Coppell identity & brand
  • Mind, Body & Enrichment
    • Connectivity: safe walking/biking for exercise/transportation
    • Improve and expand neighborhood park opportunities and preserve and protect green spaces/trees
    • General beautification - streetscape, art, standard amenities, etc.
  • Where would you like to see Coppell in 2040?
    • Code compliance - renter's issue
    • All entrances E-S-W need redone (developer/City)
    • Roads/expansion, utilities/storm water/etc. maintain it
    • Sandy Lake/121 entrance, old tilt wall buildings won't be attractive need plan to revitalize​​

Leading up to Citizen Summit, residents were asked to submit photos of what they like about Coppell, what they don't like about Coppell and what they would like to see in Coppell. More than 100 photos were submitted to an online vision board for consideration, then printed and posted on the walls and windows of the main meeting room at the Citizen Summit.

​​​​​​​Visit the Vision 2040 page​ to learn more about the process and strategic action plan.