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Coppell Recreation & Development Corporation

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The Coppell Recreation and Development Corporation (CRDC) is a sales tax revenue fund that was established to undertake projects for youth and adult amateur athletics, entertainment and public gathering facilities, exhibition and museum facilities, parks and recreational facilities and more. This fund was originally authorized by voters in 2007. Coppell voters re-authorized the CRDC's use of sales tax revenue in the November 5, 2013 election. 

Because the CRDC is entirely funded through sales tax, 60% of fund revenues are collected from non-Coppell residents that commute to the City for work or business reasons and from business to business transactions. Because this fund is funded through sales tax, the CRDC will be negatively impacted by Rule 3.334.

The re-authorized and expanded collection of the half-cent CRDC sales tax has driven the next generation of City infrastructure. Specifically, revenue from CRDC provided major funding for the improvements at the Cozby Library and Community Commons, Andrew Brown Park system, trails, medians and green spaces, and the addition of Life Safety Park.

In Fiscal Year 2018-2019, the City dedicated funds from the CRDC to construct the long-awaited Arts Center, which is expected to not only provide Coppell residents with direct access to the arts, entertainment and nightlife, but also create business opportunities and economic synergies for the City.​