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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​About Cypress Waters

Cypress Waters is a 2.5 million square foot — and growing — mixed use development in northwestern Dallas near North Lake and Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. The City of Coppell wraps around Cypress Waters, which sits just outside the Coppell city limits to the south and east.

Once completed, the development, which fronts Lyndon B. Johnson Expressway and Belt Line Rd., is expected to include 4.5 million square feet of office and retail space, 10,000 multifamily residences, three schools, parks, trails, and a town center area across 1,000 acres.

The land was purchased for development by Billingsley Company in 2004 and was one of the last undeveloped pieces of land in Dallas County. Construction of basic infrastructure including roads began in mid-2013, followed by the first office building in the $88 million corporate campus — the anchor of the development — in early 2014. As of late 2019, Cypress Waters is still less than half completed.

While those living in Cypress Waters share a ZIP code and a school district​ with Coppell, they reside in the City of Dallas and receive all services from the City of Dallas.

Frequently Asked Questions

With the unique location and school boundaries of Cypress Waters, residents of the area may have questions ​​about basic services, facility usage, and more. The City of Coppell has put together a list of frequently asked questions regarding Cypress Waters below. If your question is not addressed here, please email You may also visit the Cypress Waters​ website for additional information. 

Please click on a category below to jump to the corresponding questions and answers:


Are classes, programs, and room rentals at Coppell facilities such as Cozby Library, Life Safety Park and the CORE free for Cypress Waters residents?

Class, program, and rental policies and rates vary from facility to facility. Residents of Cypress Waters are non-residents of the City of Coppell and should refer to the non-resident guidelines and fees where listed. The chart below provides this information for some of the City of Coppell's most popular facilities. Please visit the Residents section of the website for information on additional facilities. ​

C​ORECoppell Parks Outdoor Pavilions/Facilities
​Passes and rentals are fee based for Coppell residents and non-residents. Proof of current address must be provided at time of purchase.​​​Coppell Park pavilions and outdoor facilities are fee-based and are restricted to corporate and Coppell residents.

Cozby Library and Community Commons

Life Safety Park
​Cypress Waters residents (non-residents) may purchase a library card for an annual fee. Students and employees of Coppell schools are eligible for a free, limited use library card. Free room rentals are available to card holders with some guidelines and restrictions. Most classes and activities at the library are free and open to everybody. Please check individual events on the library's calendar for fee and registration requirements. ​Study trips and tours are free for everyone and organized through schools and civic organizations. Public tours are also free and available to all by calling ahead for availability. Classes are free for everyone. Please visit LSP's event calendar to sign up. Meeting space reservations are free, but are restricted to residents of Coppell or a representative of a business that operates within the city limits of Coppell. 

Biodiversity Education Center
​ ​
​​Most classes and programs are free and open to the public. Please check the BEC's page for more information. Room rentals are restricted to Coppell non-profit organizations. 

Civic Engagement

Can I run for a place on the Coppell School Board if I live in Cypress Waters?

Yes. To run for the Coppell ISD School Board, prospective candidates must be:

  • A U.S. Citizen
  • 18 years old at the start date of the term of service
  • A resident within the district boundaries, which includes Cypress Waters, Irving and parts of Lewisville and Grapevine, for six months before the filing date deadline
  • A resident of the state of Texas for 12 months before the filing deadline in late January

CISD Board of Trustees are elected at-large for specific places (Place 1, Place 2, etc.) and must file in mid-January for the May election. 

Visit the school board website for more details about elections and eligibility. A map of the Coppell ISD boundaries can be viewed below, or by visiting the Coppell ISD's enrollment page.

Can I run for Coppell City Council if I reside in Cypress Waters?​

No. City of Coppell elective office requirements state that candidates must have resided, for at least twelve (12) months before the date of the election, within the corporate limits of the city, or within territory annexed into the city prior to the filing deadline. Those who live in Cypress Waters are residents of the City of Dallas.

Can I apply for the City of Coppell's boards and commissions, Allies in Community program or other city initiatives if I live in Cypress Waters?

No. Coppell's boards and commissions applicants must be at least a one-year resident of Coppell and a registered voter in Coppell. Cypress Waters residents are non-residents of the City of Coppell. Other City of Coppell initiatives may accept non-residents on a case by case basis, but priority is given to those residing within the city limits.

I am a Cypress Waters resident and I'm interested in volunteering. Are there opportunities for me in Coppell?

Yes. There are several volunteer opportunities available through the City of Coppell as well as other area organizations. Please visit the Coppell Volunteers page for more information and registration. ​​

​Public Safety

Do the City of Coppell's police and fire departments provide services to Cypress Waters residents?

No. Cypress Waters residents and businesses are in the City of Dallas and therefore police and fire services for Cypress Waters are provided by the City of Dallas. Learn more by visit the Dallas Police Department and the Dallas Fire-Rescue Department.


I live in Cypress Waters. What schools will my children attend?

Students who reside in Cypress Waters will attend Coppell Independent School District schools, specifically Richard J. Lee Elementary, Coppell Middle School West and then can choose to attend either the Coppell High School Ninth Grade Campus (CHS9) and then Coppell High School (10-12) or New Tech High at Coppell (9-12.) Learn more about Coppell ISD enrollment and school attendance zones here.

As a resident of Cypress Waters, do I pay the same Coppell ISD tax rate as those who live within Coppell city limits?

Yes. Although the City of Coppell is just over 14 square miles in size, the Coppell ISD boundaries span more than 23 square miles and serves students in the cities of Coppell, Irving (parts of Valley Ranch and North Irving), Dallas (Cypress Waters) and Lewisville. A small part of Grapevine is in the Coppell ISD boundaries, but it is commercial. All who live in district boundaries, including those who live beyond the City of Coppell, pay the same CISD tax rate. 

What benefits does the City of Coppell offer students who live in Cypress Waters, but attend Coppell ISD schools?

Students of and employees who work for CISD and live in Cypress Waters (and other non-residents of the City of Coppell) are eligible for a free, limited use library card from Cozby Library and Community Commons regardless of residency. Please visit the library's account page for more information. 

Are students of CISD schools who reside in Cypress Waters eligible to participate in school events, sports, and activities?

All CISD students are eligible to participate in their school's sponsored activities such as Art, Choir, Theatre, school sports teams (which start in 7th grade at the middle school) and school-sponsored clubs.

Are students of CISD schools who reside in Cypress Waters permitted to play on Coppell Youth Sport Association teams?

Yes. Generally, eligibility is determined by age or grade and/or residency within the CISD boundaries. Please check each association's website below for complete information:


Does the City of Coppell offer services such as trash removal, water utilities, or animal control to Cypress Waters residents?

No. Since Cypress Waters residents are non-residents of the City of Coppell and Cypress Waters businesses are located within the city limits of Dallas, the City of Dallas provides these services to Cypress Waters residents and businesses. Information about these services can be found on the City of Dallas Sanitation Service pagewater bill page, and animal services page. ​

** If you have additional questions, please contact


​City of Coppell and Cypress Waters Map

Cypress Waters is located just east and south of Coppell City Limits in the City of Dallas as shown in yellow on the map below.​

​Cypress Waters Master Plan Map

Coppell Independent School District Boundaries and School Map​

While those living in Cypress Waters are residents of the City of Dallas, students attend Coppell Independent School District schools. The map above shows district boundaries and school locations. For the most up-to-date and accurate school information, please visit CISD's Attendance Zone page.

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