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Support for Local Service Organizations

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As part of the budget process each year, the Coppell City Council reviews applications and presentations from local service organizations seeking monetary assistance from the City. 

"Coppell is a small community, and we're not big enough to provide our residents with a lot of the services offered by local non-profits," said Councilmember Gary Roden. "We partner with these non-profits to ensure that our residents are given access to these vital services that improve the quality of life in Coppell. These groups offer services to our residents that we cannot cost effectively offer." 

Any funding assistance approved by the City Council goes toward programs that have a direct impact on Coppell residents. For example, in previous years, the YMCA requested assistance to expand the number and range of programs offered to the community, including healthy cooking classes, free or subsidized swim lessons and diabetes prevention classes. Likewise, the City has also historically granted funding to Metrocrest Services to aid Coppell families in need. 

The City Council also considers requests to further the arts in Coppell. In the past, requests included funds for equipment for the Coppell Community Orchestra to allow the organization to increase the quality of their performances to attract more talent and widen the range of local audiences with a passion for orchestra and music. The Coppell Arts Council also previously requested assistance to expand the variety of artwork that is displayed around the City to ensure that there are impactful pieces that all residents can enjoy.   

In some cases, funding requests have the potential for a high monetary return on investment for the City. For example, the Coppell Chamber of Commerce has previously requested funding to help in its efforts to connect with larger organizations that are headquartered in Coppell. An increase in the workforce and the attraction of new businesses will in turn increase revenues to the City in the form of sales and property taxes. 

"In order to truly be a Family Community for a Lifetime, we have to be able to serve all of our residents and stakeholders, no matter their level of income or access to assistance" said Councilmember Wes Mays. "The funding requests that we approved for fiscal year 2017-2018 amounted to approximately .3% of the total General Fund budget, but the services that these organizations provide has a far greater value. These services benefit everyone in the community, and I'm extremely proud that we are able to help these groups grow and run smoothly." ​