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Vision 2030

​​​​​​​​​In 2009, approximately 125 volunteers gathered at Town Center with one single mission in mind…planning for the future.  And thus, Coppell 2030 was born.

Coppell Vision 2030 was developed to ensure that the high standard of living present in Coppell today will be maintained tomorrow in this growing community in a changing world. This unique plan provides strategies to manage future opportunities and challenges for Coppell for the next twenty years. While we are only stewards of this community for a short period of time, it is paramount that we establish a vision and road map for the future.

To a large degree, the successes enjoyed today are the result of the work that took place through a similar past process and the deployment of that plan by dedicated leaders and city staff. In turn, that same level of effort has been repeated to that this community, now and in the future, will have the same level of success that we were afforded.