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Animal Services

Living with Wildlife


Seasonal reminder: Please be aware of the rapidly changing Texas weather. Trapping is not permitted during ANY TYPE of inclement weather event. This includes rain (even small amounts), tornado warnings, lightning and extreme hot or cold temperatures.  Please contact Animal Services with questions.

Helpful websites with wildlife information:​

DFW Wildlife Coalition

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

Humane Society of the United States- Wild Neighbors

Please visit these websites and/or consult Animal Services before you resort to humane trapping of wild animals. If no other humane eviction solution is available, Animal Services offers traps for loan to our residents. These traps are available on loan for ten day​s and require the resident to provide a valid Drivers License and sign a trap agreement. If a resident wishes to use their own personal humane trap, they must comply with the same requirements as residents with loaner traps and MUST SIGN A PERSONALLY OWN​ED TRAP AGREEMENT PRIOR to us servicing their trap. Here is a summary of trapping requirements:

-Traps can only be set Sunday evening through Thursday evening for pick up Monday morning through Friday morning excluding holidays.

-Contact Animal Services BEFORE 10 a.m. for pick up of a trapped animal. 

-The resident responsible for the humane trap is responsible for the safety and well-being of the trapped animal and must adhere to section 9-1-23 of the City of Coppell Ordinance, meaning that the trapped animal should have access to food, water and some type of shelter while in the trap.

-The trap may NOT be set during inclement weather conditions or when these conditions are expected. Trapping is not allowed at all when temperatures are below 40 degrees Fahrenheit or expected to be 95 degrees Fahrenheit or above or when any severe weather warning is issued.

-Any trap that is to be serviced by Animal Services personnel should be placed OUTSIDE of a fenced or enclosed area and should be easily removable by the Animal Services Officer. Traps should not be placed in areas with excessive soil, mud, mulch or in an area with a sprinkler system that will be operating while the animal is in the trap.


Tips for Living with Wildlife

Most Coppell residents are accustomed to the abundant wildlife that peacefully lives in the area. It is important to remember that wild animals such as raccoons, opossums, coyotes, bobcats, snakes and other wildlife are natural inhabitants of Coppell and living in harmony with these animals is an important aspect of the natural eco-system.

Seeing a wild animal is generally not a reason to be alarmed, however we always recommend routine precaution and deterrents as indicated below. Wild animal sightings in urban and residential neighborhoods are not uncommon. Raccoons, opossums, coyotes, bobcats and snakes call this area home, as do you. Generally, they are only trying to survive in an ever-changing environment. You can take steps in your yard and home to deter visits from these animals:

1. Do not feed wildlife

2. Never leave uneaten pet food outside

3. Restrict use of birdseed. Wildlife are attracted to the birds and rodents that eat from the bird feeder

4. If possible, eliminate outdoor sources of water

5. Trim and clear, near ground level, any shrubbery that provides cover for wildlife and rodents

6. Repair dilapidated fencing

7. Only put trash out on the morning of trash collection

8. Scattered moth balls and ammonia-soaked rags strategically placed about the yard may deter wildlife. Practice good pest and rodent prevention

9. Keep cats and small dogs indoors, allowing them outside under supervision and on a leash. Cats should not be left outdoors to roam freely

Never approach any animal, this includes wild species. If you see any animal behaving strangely, or have questions or concerns about wildlife, please contact Animal Services at 972-304-3515. For after-hour emergencies, please call the City of Coppell Police Department at 911.