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Emergency Management

Outdoor Warning Sirens


​​​​​if the sirens are blarin' -- you should be preparin'


​​​​do you know what this is?

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​​When Do They Sound?​​​​​

The sirens are sounded when there is a dangerous situation occurring​ outside, and are intended to be a cue​ for residents to seek additional information. Sirens will be sounded given one or more of the following conditions:
  • The National Weather Service (NWS) issues a Tornado Warning for Dallas, Tarrant, or Denton County that may impact the City of Coppell; and/or,
  • Tornadic activity has been reported by a reliable source in or approaching the City of Coppell; or,
  • Severe Thunderstorms with destructive winds in excess of 7​0 mph are occurring or are about to occur within city limits; or,
  • Hail 1.25" (about the size of a ping-pong ball) in diameter or larger is occurring or is expected to occur within city limits; or,
  • A Hazardous Chemical Emergency has occurred and has the potential to affect the city; or,
  • Monthly testing; or,
  • Other emergencies, as deemed necessary by City of Coppell administration.
​The City of Coppell currently operates seventeen (17) sirens strategically placed throughout the city. 

​​​​How Do They Work?​

On any given day, during an emergency or for testing purposes, Coppell's OWS is activated by the Emergency Management Coordinator. He has the ability to activate all 17 sirens at once, or activate a select few sirens depending on the location of the emergency. 
  • ​Sirens are activated locally for the conditions outlaid above.​​
  • All activations of the siren emit a 3-minute steady tone (click icon to the right​ for example). 
  • If the threat persists, the steady tone may be reactivated for additional 3-minute increments as the threat continues.
  • In addition to the steady tone, the OWS can also function as a city-wide public address system, capable or relaying voice alerts and other tones.
  • There is NO "all clear" signal.

​​​​​What Should You Do When You Hear Them?​

  • When the Outdoor Warning System sirens activate, stay calm and immediately seek safe shelter inside.
  • Listen to the NOAA All Hazards Radio, or local television/radio stations for additional information and specific instructions.
  • Remain indoors until the emergency has ended.
  • Remember, the Outdoor Warning System is not intended nor designed to be heard in your home or other indoor locations. Always have more than one means of receiving emergency alerts!

​​​​​​​When Are They Tested?

  • ​Weather permitting, the City of Coppell audibly tests the OWS sirens on the first Wednesday of every month at 1:00 PM.
  • The City also silently tests the sirens twice daily within the activation software: this is to ensure that all sirens are always maintained in good working order.
  • Several other municipalities within the North Central Texas Council of Governments are also test their warning sirens at the same time, based upon agreed OWS activation guidelines.
​​What's the Weather?​
Weather Underground PWS KTXCOPPE35 

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