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Fire Department

Life Safety Park


​​"Bridging Life Safety and Public Education"

Youth FireSetting Prevention & Intervention Course

This two-day course is based on the requirements of the NFPA Standard 1035 pertaining to the Youth Firesetter Intervention Specialist.  This course is for the practitioner who provides services at the program delivery level.  Interested parties should follow the 'Classes & Training​' link to find more information as well as the registration form.

What We're about

​The Life Safety Park has a rooted mission in benefiting the youth and citizens of the City of Coppell, by bridging life safety topics and public education efforts. The facility is open to children and adult visitors from various community organizations throughout the area, and provides meeting spaces for community organizations. Lessons and programs offered within the Life Safety Park will provide a foundation for a lifetime of living safely.​


Frequently asked questions

·         What is the Coppell Life Safety Park?

The Coppell Life Safety Park is a joint public education venture between several City of Coppell departments. The Coppell Life Safety Park provides a comprehensive learning environment for children, families, corporate citizens, and the general public regarding overall life safety education programs.

·         Who is the LSP for?

​We welcome students from public and private schools, homeschoolers, daycares, as well as boy scouts and girl scout troops, and other civic organizations. Our main focus at this time will be to serve the citizens of Coppell while we continue to establish our facility and its programs. We welcome public visitation, but due to potential scheduling conflicts and ongoing maintenance, we ask that you call ahead to make arrangements. ​In the future, we will expand our operations to include programs for all ages and abilities, both within Coppell and beyond. 

·         What is the EOC?

The EOC is a central command and control facility responsible for ensuring municipal operations are maintained throughout unforeseen events. It is specially designed with reinforced materials and advanced technological audio/video equipment. In the event of EOC activation, representatives from the public safety, emergency response, and various support agencies within each city department are called in to coordinate and enact the City’s Emergency Operations Plan. For more information on the Emergency Operations Center and Emergency Management, see the Emergency Management website.

·         Are the firefighters and police officers walking around the Life Safety Park real-life public service members?

Of course! Many of the firefighters and police officers you see volunteer their off-duty days to work at the Life Safety Park. The men and women of our public safety departments enjoy sharing their knowledge of their jobs with visitors, so be sure to thank them for a great experience!

·         How do I schedule a program or class?
We are in the process of setting up online registration for all visitation requests. To schedule a program or class, we ask that you please call or email us to set up those arrangements. We appreciate your patience as we continue to make the LSP a great facility!

·         Those little jeeps are so cool! Can you tell me about those?
We are proud of our jeeps! They are a unique learning tool for our smaller visitors. However, due to weight limitations, and with respect to our structured curriculum topics, jeep use is only for our 1st grade study trips to learn about Motor Vehicle and Pedestrian Safety. Trips to use the jeeps are also scheduled well in advance, so that we are able to ensure that all equipment is in good working order for visitors. 

·         Can I just show up for a tour or class without registering?

While we will do our best to accommodate “walk-ins,” we still encourage that you call or contact us ahead of time to make visitation arrangements, as we anticipate full schedules during the year. Please understand that tour times may vary and space may be limited.

·         I see there is a playground on site. Can I bring my child/family in to use it?

At this time, the Life Safety Park remains closed to outside foot traffic due to contractors still on site. This is both​ for security and safety reasons. We appreciate your patience and understanding. Once our facility is fully operational, playground use will be limited to those visitors attending study trips during the week if time is allowed after their sessions; and those attending special events during evenings and weekends, as to be determined by LSP staff. Children playing on site will require adult supervision at all times

·         Are tours and classes free?
Yes, there is no fee for our visitors. All tours, programs, and events are funded by the City of Coppell’s Recreation Development Corporation (CRDC), under the Bold ​Vision, Big Impact Campaign and the generosity of our sponsors.​

If you have a question that was not answered here, we'd love to hear from you! Give us a call at (972) 462-5371, or send an email to​ with your inquiry, and a Life Safety Park representative will return your message within 24-48 hours.

Life Safety Park
820 S. Coppell Rd.
Coppell, TX 75019

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To report an emergency situation call 9-1-1.

For non-emergency requests, call non-emergency dispatch at 972-304-3610.