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Life Safety Park


​​"Bridging Life Safety and Public Education"


​The Life Safety Park has a rooted mission in benefiting the citizens of the City of Coppell, by bridging life safety topics and public education efforts. The facility is open to children and adult visitors throughout the area, and provides meeting spaces for community organizations.  Lessons and programs offered within the Life Safety Park provide a foundation for a lifetime of living safely.​

Life Safety Park


Check Out some of the things we do at the coppell life safety park! 


​​Voted in by a special election in November 2013, the Coppell Life Safety Park was one of many capital improvement projects under Proposition 1 which reauthorized and extended the one-half percent sales tax devotion to such tasks. These projects were all proposed to support the Coppell 2030 strategic vision adopted in March of 2009. Coppell 2030 undertakes the mission of improving the quality of life for all of Coppell citizens by providing and improving entertainment and gathering space, public parks and recreational facilities, open space improvements, and exhibition and museum facilities. 

Funding for the Life Safety Park comes from the Coppell Recreation and Development Corporation (CRDC; 70%), whom oversees the distribution of the one-half percent sales tax. A remaining portion of the funding comes from the crime control district (18%), and general funds (12%). The total estimated project cost is about $6.9 million, which includes construction cost, professional services fees, testing and inspections, owner allowance and contingency, furniture, fixtures and equipment.​ 

Lessons and programs offered within the Life Safety Park will provide Coppell residents and the surrounding community with a foundation for a lifetime of living safely.​ The facility will be open to children and adult visitors--from families, corporate citizens, businesses, various community organizations throughout the area, and the general public--to enhance Coppell's commitment to community education programs. The Life Safety Park is a joint venture between several city departments, but is run by the Coppell Fire Department.



​The Coppell Life Safety Park has been under construction over the past year and is finally open for use. The 15,000 square foot facility is designed into five main parts; the main education building, and four smaller buildings that comprise the outdoor "Safety Town" campus. These four smaller buildings are the public safety building, the home safety building, the multi-purpose building, and the vehicle storage building.​ All four of the "mini" structures in Safety Town have different facades modeled after buildings you might recognize as Coppell landmarks. The Town also includes streets and site props (such as a railroad crossing, stoplights, and pedestrian​ crosswalks) where children can walk and ride around town learning safety rules.​ 



​​The Life Safety Park's miss​​ion of bridging life safety and public education is accomplished in large part within the main Education Building. The main building provides over 10,000 square feet of learning and working space to visitors and employees, and houses:
  • ​The beautifully designed main entrance and visitor hall
  • A museum and public safety memorial garden
  • A number of offices and conference rooms
  • Three classrooms holding 30 people each
  • The new Emergency Operations Center


A meeting/conference room for up to 30 people, the Multipurpose Building is designed for community use. The building is equipped with comfortable tables and chairs, a large monitor with presentation capabilities, a small galley kitchen, and its own bathroom facility. The Multipurpose Building is a self-contained educational structure external to the main building. It can be booked for special events, meetings, classes, and community gatherings.


Designed to look like a single-family two story home, the Home Safety Building is where visitors will learn about home fire and life safety, and severe weather preparedness. The functional lower floor contains a working kitchen, living area, bedroom, bathroom, and a storage closet. The kitchen is equipped with a custom range module that can simulate an oven and stove fire for visitors to “put out”. The living area houses a row of theater bench seating facing a large TV monitor where visitors watch a special weather segment created by our friends at CBS 11. The bedroom, constructed with a special smoke-effect ventilation system, is a place where visitors can practice their home fire exit drills.


Split between the Coppell Fire and Police Departments, the Public Safety Building is where visitors will tour fire and police stations, learning about the life-saving functions our brave men and women perform every day for citizens in Coppell. The Fire Department side houses a refurbished fire engine, where visitors are free to explore inside the cab; there is a fireman’s tool wall and bunker gear locker for hands-on learning. The Police Department side houses a police SUV, equipment, and duty gear used in daily activities so that visitors can experience what it’s like to be in the world of law enforcement. 


Though not open to visitors, the Vehicle Storage Building will act as the Safety Town’s garage, housing the kids’ jeeps, bicycles (when acquired), and various other safety equipment. The building will contain a small office for our firefighters to perform the crucial task of equipment service and maintenance. 



The Life Safety Park logo was purposefully designed with the idea of joint service in mind. The logo's shield shape pays homage to the badges issued to public safety and service branches. The pointed star at the bottom is a tie-in to the City of Coppell's logo, as is the navy blue color relief. The three icons at the top represent the three main life safety topics and professions--medical, fire, and police--that will be represented in Life Safety Park curriculum. The Life Safety Park shield represents Coppell's continued pursuit of building community through public service.



​​"Bridging Life Safety and Public Education"​

Life Safety Park
820 S. Coppell Rd.
Coppell, TX 75019

O: (972) 462-5373
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To report an emergency situation call 9-1-1.

For non-emergency requests, call non-emergency dispatch at 972-304-3610.