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Municipal Court


​​​​​​​​​​When a defendant fails to appear on or before their assigned due date, scheduled court date, of fails to pay a fine which has been imposed, the Municipal Court Judge will issue warrants ordering the defendant's arrest. A failure to appear complaint will also be issued. Once a warrant has been issued, it may be cleared by posting a bond or paying for the citation(s).

​The Coppell City Marshal's Office is a State of Texas designated law enforcement agency, which operates independently from the Coppell Police Department. The Marshal's Office is staffed with full-time state licensed peace officers, as defined by The State of Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, Chapter 2, Articles 2.12 and 2.13.

The Coppell Marshal's Office performs the law enforcement functions for the Coppell Municipal Court No. 1. The Marshal's Office is responsible for executing warrants of arrest and all lawful processes issued by the Municipal Court, which includes Summons, Subpoenas and Judgment Nisi. The Marshal's Office is also responsible for providing a bailiff and court security when the court is in session.

Any questions regarding arrest warrants may be directed to the Marshal's Office.​

Senior Marshal Kyer​


​Marshal Newton


​Marshal Jimenez

972-304-7040​ ​​

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