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Park Projects

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Andrew Brown Park Redevelopment

This page will be updated regularly as the Andrew Brown Redevelopment Project progresses. We realize that this will not be an easy time for many and want to make sure that everyone will have access to the latest information about this very important project. Please do not hesitate to contact the Parks and Recreation Department at 972-462-5100 with questions or concerns.​

Get a bird's eye view of construction progress as of February 2017!​


Watch the Par​ks and Recreation Department's series "Inside Scoop" to find out more about the redevelopment project!​ ​

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Project Update - February 2​​, 2017

Andrew Brown Park West
  • Athletic fields should be completed within the next week.
  • Softball b​leacher seating and backstop netting will be installed ​​next week.
  • Trails around the park are 85% complete. ​Crews are working to pour remaining areas of concrete trail on the east side of the park ​and install remaining areas of  soft trail on the north end.
  • Landscaping of the entire park in currently in progress​.
  • ​​Next Steps - It is anticipated that the project will be completed at the end of March 2017.  At that time the trails, play areas and the parking lot will open. Temporary fencing has been installed around the softball and soccer fields to allow the sod time take root. Fields will open in September 2017​​​.​
Andrew Brown Park East
  • The majority of trails and concrete walkways entering the park have been poured.
  • The Grand Pavilion building is nearly complete. Roofing material, brick columns and brick pavers will be installed in the​ coming weeks.
  • Bridge piers were completed this week. There will be 2 bridges that will connect the Civic Green area to the Boardwalk Pavilion and hike and bike trails on the North side of the park. Construction of the bridges should begin next week.​
  • The Performance Pavilion structure is in place and contractors have started installing the brick on the columns.  The contractor has also started the construction of the Boardwalk Pavilion. ​
  • Next Steps - The project is still on target to be completed in time for Celebrate Coppell on July 1, 2017.

Please use trail detours where necessary. Click on the above map for a printable version.

  • ​​If traveling from Andrew Brown West, trail users can access Moore Road Park by detouring along the Denton Creek trail and then using the newly constructed Denton Creek bridge to cross over to Moore Rd. Park. A temporary soft trail will be established to allow access to trails on the eastern side of Andrew Brown from the Andrew Brown East parking lot. Parking is also available at Moore Rd. Park for users who wish to access trails on the e​ast side of Andrew Brown and at Moore Rd. Parks
  • For Park Users at Andrew Brown East and Kid Country, indoor restrooms are available for use at The CORE, and portable restrooms are also available near Kid Country.  Restrooms at Andrew Brown Central are open for citizens using the trails north of Andrew Brown West.

How The Redevelopment Affects Park Users

In the early stages of construction, there will be a few months of heavy equipment in the park, eliminating existing structures, moving dirt and regrading. There will be some inconvenience for homeowners living near the park, as well as casual users. The construction portion of a park renovation has the most impact on those who live adjacent to the park or utilize the park regularly.  However these same people benefit most once the work is done! To help alleviate these inconveniences, the city will make every effort to minimize surprises by communicating construction updates, future plans and reasoning for specific decisions along the way. 

In addition, there will certainly be scheduling difficulties and disruption for youth sports associations, participant families, board members and coaches during this process.
The closing of the Andrew Brown Park athletic facilities will be impactful to the scheduling of certain sports activities usually taking place at the park.  For instance, the Coppell Youth Soccer Association and the Coppell Girls Softball Association will be utilizing facilities at Wagon Wheel Park, MacArthur Park and Moore Road Park that would not typically be used.  This will create irregular usage of these parks and impose harsher conditions on the grass and fields.  The city will monitor this use and make adjustments to the schedule when the conditions dictate based on wear and conditions of the fields. 

To be proactive at this time, anticipating normal heavy use on the practice areas at Wagon Wheel Park this winter, the city is planning to enclose the soccer practice areas along Creekview Drive with a temporary fencing to keep the area in playable condition for the upcoming spring soccer season.  It is possible that the fencing will be reinstalled after the end of the spring season to further protect these fields from damage from overuse during the summer months.

The Future of Andrew Brown Parks
The redeveloped park will have community gathering areas with pavilions for performances and community uses, passive areas for sitting quietly enjoying the out-of-doors with friends and family, as well as an area appropriately sized for the large events that Coppell citizens have enjoyed for years. It will also include a rejuvenated youth athletic complex at Andrew Brown Park West, with a softball complex and new field sports complex, improved trails throughout, a playground, and basketball and volleyball courts.​ 

Click here to view a virtual tour of planned changes to Andrew Brown Park East.​

Click on the images to enlarge.
Andrew Brown Park West

Andrew Brown Park East

Project Timeline

​​January 2016​​Contract Awarded to CORE Construction
​February 2016​​Construction Begins
​​June 2017​​Construction Complete
​Project Cost​​$21,183,850.00

A Message from Parks and Recreation Director Brad Reid
Change is sometimes hard to accept.  Especially when things are going along just fine, as far as we can tell.  Change can also lead to something very exciting.  This is the case with the Andrew Brown Park system.  Several years ago, the idea came out of a series of strategic planning summits about renovating the Andrew Brown Parks, going on to suggest major changes to the usage of the park areas in the future, allowing for improvements to youth sports amenities and adding community gathering spaces.  These two goals became the baseline for a redesign of the parks in 2011, and have continued to be the focus since.  ​

Get a bird's eye view of the progress being made at the Park!​​ (Click on the YouTube Icon to view videos in full screen mode)

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Prior Updates on the Redevelopment Project:

Project Update - November 18​, 2016

Andrew Brown Park West
  • The project at Andrew Brown West is moving into its final stages.  Core Construction is in the process of finishing out the building structures which includes interior work (drywall, paint and the installation of appliances.)
  • The roofing material is installed on the buildings and pavilion, and roofing material on the dugouts and spectator seating areas is being installed.  
  • The children’s play area is nearly complete.  The playgrounds, basketball courts and sand volleyball courts have all been installed.  
  • The landscape contractor has started the process of installing many of the 278 trees that will be planted with this project, and they are also working on the final stages of the irrigation system.
  • ​​Next Steps - It is anticipated that the project will be completed in March 2017.  At that time the trails, play areas and parking lot will open.  The softball and soccer fields will remain closed until September 2017 to allow the sod time take root.​​
Andrew Brown Park East
  • Core Construction is currently focusing on the structures in the park, which include the Grand Pavilion, Boardwalk Pavilion and the Performance Pavilion.  
  • Crews are also working on the walls around the Grand Pavilion.​
  • Next Steps - Installation of roofing materials will begin very soon on the Restroom Building and the Group Pavilion.  ​

Project Update - July 3​, 2016

Andrew Brown Park West
​• At Andrew Brown Park West, buildings are beginning to take shape. Masonry has begun at the softball and soccer concession stands. The roof of the softball concession area is being framed. Crews are beginning to work on construction of the playground area. On the south end of the parking lot, 1500 sq. yards of concrete has been poured.
​​• Next Steps - Additional concrete will be poured to complete the parking lot. Work will begin on irrigation, field fences and lighting.

Andrew Brown Park East
• At Andrew Brown Park East, moisture conditioning of the soil is complete. Pond excavation has begun to connect the pond on the west side of The CORE to the pond on the east side.
​• Next Steps - Building construction of the pavilions will begin in the next few weeks. ​​

Project Update - June 3​, 2016

Andrew Brown Park West
​• At Andrew Brown Park West, the concrete foundation has been poured for the softball complex concession area, and structural steel is in place. One of the four concrete seating areas ​for   ​the softball fields has been poured. On the south end of the parking lot, 1500 sq. yards of concrete has been poured.
​​• Next Steps - Weather permitting, additional concrete will be poured to complete the parking lot and softball field seating areas.

Andrew Brown Park East
• At Andrew Brown Park East, moisture conditioning of the soil continues underneath the building sites. Moisture conditioning is complete where the Grand Pavilion will stand.
 Construction is moving somewhat slower at Andrew Brown East, due to weather and flooding in the area. Some areas of trail will be closed due to high water. Please follow all detour  signs. 
​• Next Steps - Moisture conditioning underneath the remaining building sites will continue in the coming weeks.​​

Project Update - April 6, 2016

Andrew Brown Park West
​• At Andrew Brown Park West, grading of the soil is complete, as well as the installation of storm water drainage pipes, utility, water, and sewer lines. Moisture conditioning of the ground       is preparing the soil in areas where structures will be built.​
​​• Next Steps - Building pads will be ​constructed for the soccer concession stand, softball complex concession area, and basketball courts.

Andrew Brown Park East
• At Andrew Brown Park East, demolition is complete. All structures have been demolished, including the softball complex, basketball courts, all concrete trails within the construction    area, and the fishing pier. Crews are currently working to regrade the soil.
​• Next Steps - Following the regrading of the soil, storm water drainage pipes will be installed, as well as utilities, sewer lines, and water lines.

Project Update - February 22, 2016

Demolition work is currently underway at Andrew Brown Parks East and West. Crews are working to eliminate existing structures within the project areas and prepare them for future construction and development. Many trees within both parks are being preserved and are surrounded by orange fencing.​ 
Andrew Brown Park West
​• At Andrew Brown Park West, all structures have been demolished and crews are currently working to regrade the soil and are beginning to install storm water drainage pipes.
​​• Next Steps - Installation of the storm water drainage pipes currently taking place at Andrew Brown Park West will continue for a few weeks and will be followed by installation of sewer        lines and water lines. Moisture conditioning of the ground will take place to prepare the soil in areas where structures will be built.

Andrew Brown Park East
• At Andrew Brown Park East, crews have begun demolition by removing the softball complex, basketball courts, all concrete trails within the construction area, and the fishing pier. 
​• Next Steps - Demolition will continue at Andrew Brown East, with demolition of the pavilion and restroom complex scheduled to take place mid-week the week of February 22. 
  After all existing structures are removed, excavation of the top soil and regrading will begin and continue for approximately one month.​​

Project Update - February 2016

The redevelopment project is currently underway at Andrew Brown East and West. Fencing has been installed to maintain control of the construction site, which will limit access into the project areas.  ​Demolition of existing sidewalks and structures is in progress. During construction, there will be significant impacts to the usability of the trails and park areas.  Those areas that can safely remain accessible will be left open for use. ​

Project Update - January 14, 2016

On the evening of January 12, 2016, the Coppell City Council carefully considered the future of the Andrew Brown Park system, and discussed the plans for redevelopment as well as the increased cost of ​construction​​. ​The Council approved the total award for construction of the first phase of work for $21,183,850.00.The project is being funded by the ½ cent sales tax that was reauthorized by voters in 2013. ​The increase in the ultimate cost of the project is based on several influences: 
  • ​​​Since the project cost estimation was first considered in 2012, inflation in the construction industry has increased the cost of materials and labor.  
  • Community input on the project requested that items be added to the scope, adding to the cost.  
  • When the master plan of the park was completed, it was anticipated that the park would be constructed in phases over several years. This meant that important items would be left to be constructed later.  

Project Update - January 8, 2016

The contractor plans to begin the work in late January at Andrew Brown Community Park West with demolition and earthwork as the first activities.  The Parks Department will be able to relocate some of the trees being removed at Andrew Brown West to other areas within Coppell, with several moving to Moore Road Park and to Rolling Oaks Memorial Center.​​​