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Community Service Projects

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The City of Coppell Parks and Recreation Department is proud to act as beneficiary to all Eagle Scout Service Projects completed within the parks system. All Eagle Scouts inquiring about a service project are encouraged to visit all parks and trails systems and brainstorm a project to propose. (See list of Parks​​) One of the primary purposes of the Eagle Scout service project is to learn and enhance leadership skills. Per the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook (page 5), his parents and others may help, but the Scout must be the leader. If you wish to propose a service project to the City of Coppell, here is the process:

Step by Step Process per City of Coppell guidelines:

1. Brainstorm ideas that you feel will benefit the City of Coppell. Be creative - this is your project!

2. Submit the following via email to the Parks department -​:
     B. Eagle Scout Service Project Proposal​ (Pages A - E in the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook)

3. Arrange a time to meet with City staff to discuss and review the service project proposal.
     A. Please allow for 5-7 business days from initial submittal of the project proposal to scehdule a meeting.
     B. After this meeting, City Staff will discuss your project with the Department Director and other necessary departments for initial approvals and communicate the decision to you via email.

4. After all approvals have been met for the Project Proposal; the Scout will schedule a second meeting with City staff to discuss the Final Plan (Fundraising Application, if applicable) and obtain necessary signatures needed.

5. Maintain communication with Parks staff to ensure the project meets the organization's needs once it's completed. 
     A. An appropriate City of Coppell staff member will assist the Scout on the day of their project completion.

6. Obtain the final signatures and approvals needed for completed service project.

The City of Coppell commends you for your accomplishments to date with the Boy Scouts of America organization and wishes you the best of luck in your Eagle Scout endeavor.