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​​​​Pavilion and Facility Reservations

Coppell Parks and Recreation provides many options for hosting your private or public events. With so many unique indoor and outdoor facilities to choose from, you are sure to find just the right place for your next special occasion.

Outdoor Facilities ​​

Pavilions and outdoor facilities can be reserved in person at 255 Parkway Blvd., Monday - Friday, 8 am - 5 pm or request a reservation online at  Park facilities are available to be reserve by Corporate and Coppell residents only.  For more information, please call 972-462-5100 or email us at

Some events at a park or shelter may require a Special Event Permit. A special event is an organized activity such as a walk, run, festival, or other gathering hosted by a third party (not the  Parks and Recreation Department) on park land for public or private entertainment that requires the general or exclusive use of one or more park facilities or features. To see if your event qualifies as a Special Event, click here

Pavilion Rental Guidelines
How to guide for online reservation request

Facilit​​y Type​Facility Name Location ​CapacityCost
PavilionKid Country PavilionAndrew Brown East Park ​30$50/4 hours, $100 damage deposit
​Pavilion​Phillips Pavilion​​Andrew Brown East Park ​30​$50/4 hours, $100 damage deposit
​Pavilion ​Grand Pavilion​Andrew Brown East Park ​100​$200/4 hours, $75 ea additional hour after 7 pm, $100 damage deposit
​Pavilion​Boardwalk Pavilion ​Andrew Brown East Park ​50​​$100/4 hours, $100 damage deposit
Pavilion Courtside Pavilion Andrew Brown West Park 30​$50/4 hours, $100 damage deposit
​Pavilion ​Soccer Pavilion ​Andrew Brown West Park ​30​​​​$50/4 hours, $100 damage deposit
​Pavilion ​Old Town Pavilion ​Old Town Square
​100​$100/4 hours, $50 ea additional hour after 7 pm, $100 damage deposit
Pavilion ​Allen Road Pavilion  Allen Road Park ​20Available on a first come first serve basis
​Pavilion​Wagon Wheel Pavilion ​Wagon Wheel Park ​30​$50/4 hours, $100 damage deposit
​​Outdoor Facility The Falls at Wagon Wheel ​Wagon Wheel Park ​100 $200/4 hours, $75 ea additional hour after 7 pm, $100 damage deposit
Outdoor Facility ​ Amphitheater​Town Center Plaza​500​$200/4 hours, $75 ea additional hour after 7 pm, $100 damage deposit
​Pool ​The CORE ​​Call 972-304-7077 for pricing 


Indoor Facilities ​

Please contact each location to reserve an indoor facility. 
​Facility Type​​​Facility ​Capacity ​Cost
​Multipurpose Room A & B* ​Grapevine Springs Senior and Community Center ​140 w/tables and chairs
200 w/chairs only 
​Cost Information 
​Multipurpose Room A* Grapevine Springs Senior and Community Center​95 ​Cost Information 
​Multipurpose Room B*Grapevine Springs Senior and Community Center ​45​Cost Information 
​Activity Room* ​Grapevine Springs Senior and Community Center ​24
​Arts and Craft Room* ​Grapevine Springs Senior and Community Center ​​15​Cost Information 
​Multipurpose Room A ​The CORE ​40-50​Cost Information​ 
​Multipurpose Room B ​The CORE ​40-50​Cost Information 
​Gymnasium ​The CORE Cost Information 
​Indoor Swimming​ Pool ​The CORE ​Cost Information 
​Education Hall ​Biodiversity Education Center ​150​Available to Coppell 501 (c) 3 Non-profit Organizations Only.  More information
​Meeting Room ​Wagon Wheel Park ​15$25 per hour, $100 damage deposit - To reserve this facility, please call 972-462-5100.

*You can reserve the rooms at Grapevine Springs Senior and Community Center online! Click here​ to check the availability of your preferred date & time. To request a facility reservation, first login with your username and password, then search by the area, type, location, or amenity of the facility you would like to reserve. Fill in all applicable criteria to complete your request. You will be contacted by email if your request is approved.