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Plans & Regulations

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​PLANS & REGULATIONS

Coppell 2040 Vision​ Vision 2040 is the subsequent phase of strategic planning for our community's future beyond the Coppell Vision 2030 plan​. This initiative clarifies community priorities that define a clear roadmap that the City of Coppell will use to move into the future.​

​Coppell 2030 - A Comprehensive Master Plan

​Adopted in March 2011, The Comprehensive Plan establishes the community's vision for the future development of the City; provides a framework for allocating City resources through the budgeting process and for providing municipal services; provides a basis for considering and evaluating land use decisions, and planning for future development and redevelopment projects; integrates other City plans and policies in a cohesive manner​; and provides implementation strategies.  The Plan was updated in June 2016 to reflect changes to the future land use categories and areas represented on the map.

​​Old Coppell Master Plan

​Drafted in 2002, the Plan addresses a wide range of issues for the study area of Old Coppell, including land uses, roads, streetscapes, infill development and real estate economics.

Zoning ​Ordinance

An online version of regulations including, but not limited to, permitted uses, height, area, density, landscaping, tree preservation, screening, and signage.

​Historic Resource Survey

​The Coppell Historical Society completed a Historic Resource Survey in May 2009.  They presented their findings to City Council shortly thereafter. Staff references this when any development or rezonings are requested.

Subdivision Ordinance

This is the online version of the rules and regulations governing plats and subdivisions of land within the corporate limits of the City of Coppell.  Prior to development of any tract of land, a property should be a legally defined lot and block of a subdivision plat prepared by a registered surveyor. ​​

Committee to Improve the VisualImage of Coppell (CIVIC) Report

Drafted in 1997, The CIVIC Report provides an overview of the Urban Design elements to be incorporated in new and redevelopment projects in the City of Coppell.​  Many of these elements have been codified in the Zoning Ordinance.
Guidelines for Home Occupations​Regulations regarding a home based business.