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Perpetuate a Learning Environment

​​​​​​2040 Strategic pIllar — Perpetua​te a learning environment

Importance of a Learning Environment

Increasingly the developed world is moving to skill-based employment. The intense focus of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education is preparing the students of today to be successful in the jobs of tomorrow. The Community Profile and Benchmark Analysis, November 2018, highlighted the well-educated nature of the​community, and the concentration of professional and technical skills and expertise. During the engagement sessions, the importance of an educational culture was​ reaffirmed. Coppell is a community that learns; and wants to learn. Perpetuating a learning environment across all ages, and across diverse topics, will help Coppell retain the intellectually curious and thoughtful persona it desires. There is strong community desire to see the continued collaboration and partnerships between existing educational​ institutions and businesses.​

2040 Goals:​

  • ​Diversify learning and enrichment opportunities available in Coppell
  • Promote a knowledge-sharing environment
  • Build a lifelong learning environment for Coppell​
  • Establish Coppell as a ‘laboratory of learning’

​Learn more about this 2040 Strategic Pillar by viewing the Coppell 2040 Vision Plan. Learn specific ways in which the City is working to further these goals by viewing the City's workplan