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Jul 22 9:30AM - 11:00AM

Crash Course: First Aid

Life Safety Park, 820 S Coppell Rd

About: This course is designed to teach 6th-9th graders about basic first aid ailments and treatments. After the classroom lesson, students will be given scenarios to practice their learned skills around Safety Town! Class topics will include, but are not limited to:
- Understanding what 'First Aid' is
- Recognizing and treating common bleeds
- Recognizing and treating common burns
- Recognizing and treating common insect bites and stings
- Handing unresponsive persons
- Contamination control
- Accidental poisonings

Cost: Free!

Requirements: Children enrolled in this class should be in 6th-9th Grade ONLY.

Due to the ever-changing situation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, this course is subject to change and/or cancellation without notice. For the health and safety of all class participants and employees, we ask for the following measures to be followed:
- Only ONE parent will be allowed per child in the class;
- All participants over the age of 2 will be required to wear a mask while on the Life Safety Park campus; masks will not be provided by LSP.
- For safety reasons, child sibling attendance is not allowed. Those who arrive with younger or older child siblings may be asked to return for a different class.
- Families will be asked to maintain an appropriate social distance of 6 feet between other families and class participants; and,
- Children are not allowed to play in the playground area, or on the police car or fire truck in the Public Safety Building.
Equipment, floor mats, and high-touch areas will be sanitized before and after class, but we ask for your mindfulness of you and your child's personal cleanliness - please throw away used tissues/wipes, cover all coughs/sneezes, wash hands after using restroom, and avoid contact with unnecessary surfaces or items.

Other Things to Know:
- July classes offered based on June demand. - Registration is required. Click here to register.
- Arrive 10 minutes prior to class time
- Candid photos may be taken
- Children will be outside for part of the class; sunscreen is advised
- One parent is encouraged - but not required - to stay with their children for this class