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2016 Citizen Survey Results

Coppell Residents Continue to Praise Quality of Life & City Services

In a recent Resident Attitude Survey conducted by the city, 97% of Coppell residents who participated in the study were satisfied or very satisfied with the quality of life in the community of approximately 50,000 citizens. Over a 22-year period of conducting resident surveys via telephone, the City of Coppell has scored high marks from residents, with 97%, 98% or 99% satisfaction rates. The survey polled 2,137 citizens using phone, direct mail and online collection methods.

Key findings from the combined surveys include:

  • Respondents acknowledged being drawn to Coppell because of its location (65%), schools (63%), and sense of community (31%).  In fact, 43% of survey participants who had lived in the city for under 10 years said they moved from another city in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. 
  • Residents responded positively about how the city operates, especially in regards to providing a safe community, maintaining a qualified workforce of city employees, and providing adequate community events.  Respondents were also positive about the City Council, most noticeably with maintaining quality of life, working among themselves to promote the community, and providing encouraging economic growth.  The majority of citizens considered the money they paid versus the services provided to be either a good (42%) or great (15%) value.
  • City services that received the most positive feedback were the fire department, police services, emergency medical services, park facilities, water/wastewater, and recreational services. More residents made contact with a city employee, which jumped to 65% in 2016, a 13 percent increase since 1994.
  • The city website overtook The City Desk water bill insert as being the source most useful to residents in finding out about what's going on in Coppell.  In addition, the survey showed the most popular website activities to be accessing the library's online catalog, paying fees for city services, and contacting city staff.

View full 2016 Resident Attitude Survey Summary & Results

Survey participants could also comment on questions about social media, usage of city services, and various city initiatives.  Historically, Coppell has polled resident satisfaction using a random telephone survey for comparison purposes.  In order to accommodate evolving communication preferences, this year the city also deployed self-administered surveys via either web-based submission or paper questionnaires that could be mailed upon completion. A total of 223 residents were interviewed over the telephone, 862 residents took the online survey and 1,052 survey responses were submitted by mail.

The periodic Resident Attitude Survey project has been part of Coppell's public improvement program since 1994 and is designed to gauge scientifically valid input from residents relative to city services, customer service and other quality of life indicators.