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Accuracy of New Water Meters May Result in Increase in Registered Usage

Businesses and residents in the Coppell community will soon see the advanced water meter installation crews throughout the City. More than nine thousand meters have been delivered to the City, and the supporting infrastructure is expected to arrive the middle of October. The City will contact residential and commercial customers using various communication tools to inform them of when the advanced water meter installation team will be in their neighborhood.  

An exciting feature of the advanced water meter system is a web-based customer portal that can be accessed from a computer, tablet, or smart phone. City staff are working with the vendor to have the customer portal available to residents and businesses shortly after meters are replaced in each neighborhood.  Once a new meter has been installed, the utility account holder will need to create a user account to access the customer portal. The dashboard or customer portal will provide residents and businesses with access to usage data for their new meters only. By accessing the portal, customers will be able to more closely monitor their water consumption and adjust their usage accordingly. 

The customer portal will also include a link that will allow customers to access aged usage data for the old meter and the ability to pay their bill.  Currently, monthly usage history is available by accessing the Utility Billing page of the City's website and clicking on the "pay water bill" button. 

 The advance water meter system also brings improved accuracy as compared to the current water meters.  During the development and investigation phase of this project, existing meters that were tested were found to only be registering approximately 90% of actual water used. The new automated readers are expected to register at least 98% of actual water usage. 

What does this mean to our community?  

With the more accurate meters, it is very possible that members of the community will receive water and sewer charges that are higher than statements for a corresponding month in a previous year. It is highly likely that comparing consumption history of the old meter to the new meter will be different for many customers because the old meter was not registering all of their water usage. For some, it is possible that the old meter has not been registering anyusage. Due to the advanced water meters and more accurate reading of actual usage, registered consumption may show a decrease or an increase. In the event of an increase in registered consumption, customers should expect to receive a larger water and sewer charge than they did previously. 

As the customer portal becomes available, City staff encourage community members to access the customer portal and monitor their account. Account holders can establish a leak alert that will send an email notification if the system is detecting a leak at their home or business. The customer can also setup usage alerts which will generate an email when the account meets the usage threshold established by the account holder. In short, Coppell residents are being provided the tool and data needed to better monitor and "Get to Know Your H20" to prevent surprises.

In addition, City staff will be monitoring reports for high consumption and possible leaks. Staff will contact account holders to notify them of high consumption and/or possible leaks. Therefore, it is important that the Utility Billing department has a current email address or phone number for all account holders. Please contact the Utility Billing Department at 972-304-3695 to update your contact information. 

For more information, please visit or call the Utility Billing Department at 972-304-3695.