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Advanced Water Meter Installation Beginning Soon

​​The City of Coppell has begun installing new advanced water meters at businesses throughout the city! The Advanced Water Meter installation team has begun meeting with businesses to arrange times to remove the old meters and install the new meters. To date, approximately 370 businesses have received new meters. 

Installation of residential meters is scheduled to begin on January 2, 2019. The first neighborhoods to receive the new advanced water meters will be the Vistas of Coppell, Magnolia Park, and Coppell Greens. Before meters are installed, residents in these neighborhoods will receive an informational postcard and a phone call alerting them to the upcoming meter installation. Residents will be directed to the Advanced Water Meter website –​ – for more information. In addition, residents are encouraged to call Siemens, the City's partner for this project, at 1-877-853-2923 if they require a planned water disruption. 

The Advanced Water Meter project will provide customers with access to a customer portal. Once the portal is available, customers will be in control of their water usage and therefore, the amount of the water portion of their bill. In short, customers will be given the tools and data they need to better plan and "Get to Know Your H2O."

About the Advanced Water Meter Project:

The Advanced Water Meter System project is a service enhancement initiative to install advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) throughout the community. The city-wide installation of 13,375 new meters is projected to take 14 months.

Currently, the City uses three types of metering systems and multiple meter brands. This variability poses operational challenges for City staff. The Advanced Meter System project will include one type of system and one brand for all meters, which will better equip City staff to maintain operations, manage inventory, and provide all customers with the same level of customer service. 

Once the meters are installed and customers start accessing the data from their new meters, the information will allow them to more closely monitor their water consumption and adjust their usage accordingly. In turn, it will provide the City more accurate utility analytics and customer consumption data, better meter data management, increased customer transparency, a reduction in water loss, a reduction in labor costs, a baseline for distribution leak detection and the ability to send alerts and messages to customers.

For more information about the Advanced Water Meter project, visit