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Advanced Water Meters to Be Accessible by Residents

​In the coming months, City of Coppell water utility customers will start seeing their water meters replaced as part of the City's Advanced Water Meter System project, a service enhancement initiative to install advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) throughout the community. The city-wide installation of 13,375 new meters is projected to take 14 months.

City of Coppell water utility customers will be able to access their new water meters with a standard meter key. The meter lids being installed as part of the project do come with a locking mechanism, but, in the case of a water emergency, residents will be able to access their meter boxes to shut off water flow from the main line. The new meter lids can be accessed with the same key needed to open the meter lids currently installed around Coppell. 

"We understand that emergencies happen and that residents need the ability to shut off their water in certain situations," said Kim Tiehen, Assistant Director of Finance for the City of Coppell. "The new meter lids do require a key, but this is not a new requirement. The lids currently installed in neighborhoods also require a key to open, and residents can use the same key to open the new boxes." 

Coppell residents can purchase standard meter keys from local hardware stores such as Ace Hardware, Home Depot or Lowe's. Customers are encouraged to stop by Town Center, 255 Parkway Blvd., during normal business hours to view a display meter box and lid or to request a demonstration on how to use the meter box key.  

In the event you need your water shut off and do not have a meter key, please contact the Public Works Department at 972-462-5150.

For more information about the Advanced Water Meter project, visit​.