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Allies in Community Initiative Moves Into Next Phase

The City of Coppell is heading into the next phase of its Allies in CommunityTM initiative, a program with a mission to build relationships through common ground, foster a deep sense of belonging in the community, and enhance residents' active engagement. Allies in CommunityTM is designed to build upon the rich legacy of Coppell's past as it looks to a strong and vibrant future.

The Allies in CommunityTM initiative encourages Coppellians of all generations, cultures, and tenures of residence in the city to contribute to community organizations, events, and programs that make Coppell a great place to live, work, and play.

"Coppell has a strong tradition of civic engagement and volunteerism, and we want to honor that as we look to the future of the community," said Mayor Karen Hunt. "The sense of belonging is truly important for us, and we want to make sure that every one of our citizens knows that they are vitally important to the success of our community. I am very excited about this project, and I think this presents a great opportunity to learn about our community and become better servant leaders."

Allies in CommunityTM began as part of a larger community engagement initiative in 2014. The first phase included cultural agility and unconscious bias training for all City of Coppell employees. Building upon this foundation, the City began engaging community stakeholders in this conversation and conducted a community-wide survey last fall. The survey findings presented the strengths of the community as well as opportunities for growth.

In the coming weeks, residents and city employees will be invited to join the first Allies in CommunityTM cohort. This group will attend one interactive, hands-on workshop every six weeks, where they will gather new insights, problem solve, share stories and build bridges across cultures and generations. In the weeks between the workshops, cohort members will participate in Allies in CommunityTM activities together, where they will develop strong partnerships with one another as they work together to discover ways to meaningfully contribute to the community. These cohorts will graduate with a renewed sense of responsibility for securing a thriving future for the City of Coppell and a commitment to empower other residents in meaningful civic engagement. 

For more information about the Allies in CommunityTM initiative, visit or email​