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A message from City Manager Mike Land regarding graffiti in parks

​You may have seen or heard; we had some graffiti on one of our trails. Normally when we notice graffiti, we remove it and move on. 

As soon as we were made aware, our crews responded. The graffiti has been removed. But we will not simply move on this time. We cannot simply paint over the vile language that was used and pretend it didn't happen. This perpetuates the problem. 

The kind of message – and the bigotry, ignorance and hate that are behind it – is intolerable. While we can wash over the words, we cannot wash over the negative impact that this has on our organization, on the people who dedicate themselves to serving you. This is not okay. 

Our goal as an organization is to create a family community for a lifetime. To have to use resources to remove something that goes so against everything we believe in and what we stand for is unacceptable. 

We are here to serve our community – all of our community. We are dedicated to making all of our residents feel like they belong, but we can't do it alone. We need your help to achieve this goal. If you see something that degrades your fellow citizen, speak up. Get involved. Be kind to your neighbor. Love your neighbor and love your community.