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Citizens Receive Award for Life Saving Efforts

Citizens Receive Award for Life Saving Efforts

The Coppell Fire Department presented their Citizens Award during the City Council Meeting for two separate incidents of "extraordinary actions that led to lives being saved," said Fire Chief Kevin Richardson. In both instances, the quick actions of by-standers had a direct impact on the end result.

On May 21, Desarea Murray was eating at a local restaurant when she noticed a choking victim.  She observed the person was not moving any air from a complete airway obstruction quickly jumped into action. Desarea performed the Heimlich Maneuver that dislodged food items and restored active breathing.

On May 24, another life-saving incident occurred at a local business. Co-workers Liz Rivera, Robert Smith, Darlene Chapman, and Grep Pray quickly assessed a colleague who collapsed unconscious from sudden cardiac arrest.  The group notified 911, performed CPR, retrieved the AED, and delivered electrical shock.  Fire Department Paramedics arrived to find the patient had regained consciousness and had stable vital signs.

"Time is critical during a medical emergency and having by-standers get involved can make a huge difference in the outcome. We encourage everyone to learn the life-saving skills of CPR, AED, and how to remove foreign body airway obstructions using the Heimlich Maneuver.  These basic skills can ultimately make a difference, and in both of this situations, lives were saved," Chief Richardson said.

Photo 1: Congratulations to (L-R) Liz Rivera, Tom Wawrzyniak, Robert Smith, Darlene Chapman, and Greg Pray for receiving the Coppell Fire Department's Citizen Award for saving the life of a co-worker.

2016 citizen life saving award-group.jpg 

Photo 2: CFD Division Chief, Tim Russell, presents the Citizen Award to Desarea Murray for extraordinary actions that saved a life.​

2016 citizen life saving award-individual.jpg