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City Clarifies Urban Chicken Ownership

​While raising backyard chickens has become a popular trend, the majority of Coppell residents need to hold off on starting their own flock.

Chickens are not permitted in single-family residential districts of Coppell per the City's Code of Ordinances under Zoning and Single-Family Residential Use Regulations. According to Section 12-9-1(3), a building or premise within a single-family district may be used to keep some domesticated animals, but swine and poultry are strictly prohibited.

Chickens and other poultry may only be kept on property in Coppell that is both zoned Agricultural and is at least 100 feet from any property line as outlined in Section 12-8-0 (2) of the Code of Ordinances. The municipal codes in place help to maintain a safe, orderly and, attractive environment for all Coppell residents.

To view the City of Coppell's Code of Ordinances, visit and click on Municipal Code under the Online Services drop down menu, or click For any questions regarding backyard chickens or other zoning matters, please contact Code Compliance at 972-304-3590 or