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City of Coppell Continues to Provide Great Value to Residents

​​Coppell residents will soon begin to receive property tax statements. The City of Coppell plans to utilize the local property tax revenue to continue to provide a safe environment through its award-winning emergency, fire, and police services and quality of life programs.

"We are in a very strong financial position," said City Manager Mike Land. "As a result, we were able to prepare a sound, conservative budget for the 2018-2019 fiscal year. The budget includes a one cent decrease in the property tax rate over last year's rate, bringing the rate to $0.5695. Using the average taxable home value of $384,159, the average daily property tax cost of living in Coppell is $5.99.

Of a homeowner's total property tax bill, only 20.2% is used for services provided by the City of Coppell, while 24.4% is used by Dallas County. The remaining 54.4% of the total tax bill is used by the Coppell Independent School District (for homeowners in the Coppell ISD).

Included in the City's 2018-2019 budget is $66.9 million in revenue. Property taxes make up approximately 51% of this revenue and are the largest source of funds for streets, roads, police, fire protection, and many other high-quality services. Thirty-four percent of the property tax revenue is used to fund public safety services and educational programs.

"Property tax revenues allow the City of Coppell to continue to meet the needs of the community where public safety is paramount," said Land. "From the need to staff eight additional firefighters for a new, fourth fire station opening during the 2019-2020 fiscal year to being able to fund major, local street reconstruction, for example, this revenue gives us the ability to provide an exceptional quality of life for our residents."

90% of respondents of the 2016 Coppell Citizen Attitude Survey said the City of Coppell provides great, good, or fair value for the property taxes they pay.

According to a Coppell Citizen Attitude survey conducted in 2016, the City of Coppell's dedication to public safety has not gone unnoticed. Ninety-seven percent of respondents said that they felt the City was providing a safe environment. Eighty percent of respondents who have used the City's emergency medical services and 87% of residents who have used fire services rated these services as "excellent".

"Programs such as National Night Out, our investment in our state-of-the-art equipment, and more demonstrates our commitment to keeping our residents safe," said City of Coppell Police Chief Mac Tristan. "Since 2010 we've been able to decrease violent crimes by 14.5%, and it's due, in part, to the resources we receive at a local level."

The City also uses 17.9% of property tax funds to enhance the quality of life of residents by offering state-of-the-art facilities, community events, educational programs and opportunities, and well-maintained streets and infrastructure.

This includes the maintenance of 544 acres across 17 public parks, 13 facilities, nine playgrounds, 12 tennis courts, and 16.3 miles of trails for public enjoyment. City of Coppell Parks and Recreation Department staff work diligently to maintain these public spaces and host 14 major special events each year to ensure that all residents can enjoy the parks and activities offered.

"Our future is wholly dependent on our ability to serve the public," said Land. "The City's dedicated municipal workforce recognizes that the 'person in the house' is our only reason for existing, and we strive to demonstrate that through our actions and behaviors. The level of service is great today, but our goal is to make it even better tomorrow. Our continued efforts to maintain and improve our overall service delivery and maintenance efforts will enhance Coppell's desirability as a community of choice for existing and potential residents, businesses, and visitors." 

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