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City of Coppell Receives 2018 Proactive Water System Award from TCEQ

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), the state's environmental agency, recently awarded the 2018 Proactive Water System Award to the City of Coppell. The award was presented at the Public Drinking Water Conference in Austin, TX in early August. This award recognizes the City for its creative and effective efforts to improve operations, achieve compliance with water standards and better serve customers.

One criterion for the award is the ability to use a new technology or operating process that results in potable water quality that exceeds federal and state requirements. The City of Coppell's use of a tank mixing and a residual control system (RCS) allowed the City to save water, improve water quality, better serve customers, and, ultimately, win the award.​

From 2011-2016, Coppell flushed more than 90 million gallons of water per year on average. Flushing is this process of moving water through fire hydrants to push out old, stagnant water and to maintain an adequate level of chlorine residual. In January 2017, the City installed a tank mixing and a residual control system in one of the two elevated storage tanks, resulting in a reduction of water loss by more than 50 percent. As a result, in 2017, Coppell only flushed a total of 42 million gallons of water, compared to 88 million gallons in 2016. Not only did the RCS installation save the City water, but it dramatically helped control the chlorine residual in the area, improving the water quality and lowering volatile disinfection byproduct levels inside the tank.​

For more information about this award, call the Public Works Department at 972-304-3679. ​