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City Plans for Improved Debris Clean-up Following Damaging Storms

​Broken tree limbs littered yards and piled up along roadways in Coppell following three large, damaging storms on May 19, June 9, and June 16, 2019. Since the excessive amount of debris took longer than expected to pick up, the City of Coppell has a new plan for a speedier and more efficient clean up the next time severe weather makes a mess.

While waste disposal and trash removal services for Coppell are contracted through Republic Services, storm debris cleanup is beyond the scope of the City's contract. Republic Services also served several surrounding cities impacted by the storms during this period, which caused equipment and resources to be spread thin throughout the series of regional storms due to widespread damage and the massive amount of debris created. Coppell alone experienced more than three times the average monthly volume of debris.

"Our average monthly volume is estimated to be just over 100 tons," Luay Rahil, Coppell Environmental Health Officer said. "In June, the collection volume of debris was over 350 tons."

In an effort to ensure residents receive the best service, the City of Coppell has come up with a storm debris recuperation plan including an improved communications plan, more disposal options, a report your location resource, and a cooperative effort with other departments to help speed up and improve recovery after a severe weather event.

The improved communication plan will utilize the City's Emergency Notification System to call, text, and email subscribers informing them of debris pick up progress and resources. The City will also continue to provide press releases and use their website and social media outlets to better inform residents.

Two disposal options were provided for residents following the storms, including cutting and bundling smaller limbs and placing them at the end of your driveway to be picked up during regular trash service, or curbside service for large debris. The improvement plan adds a third option of central drop-off stations providing residents the opportunity to dispose of debris in designated areas.

In the future, residents will also be able to call the City or go online to report the exact location of a downed tree branch or other debris, which will increase response time and decrease the cost of waste removal overall.

Lastly, the Community Development department is committed to combining forces with both the Public Works and Emergency Management departments, as well as deploying volunteers, to help with storm debris clean-up and funnel resources accordingly.

With this improvement plan in place, the City of Coppell aims to provide a better customer experience for residents following a severe weather event. For more information about storm debris clean-up, please contact Environmental Health at 972-462-5177.