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City Works to Locate and Capture Feral Hogs

​In recent months, City of Coppell officials were made aware of a number of feral hogs roaming within the city limits. Intermittent sightings of the wild animals have been reported around the area of Belt Line Road, just east of MacArthur Blvd. 

The City has contracted with Animal Removal of Texas, LLC to locate and humanely capture the hogs. Once captured, the animals will be turned over to Texas Parks and Wildlife officials. In an attempt to locate and trap the hogs, Animal Removal of Texas has set out game cameras and feeding stations. Locations with reported sightings are also being monitored. Once the animals have been located, traps will be set and monitored around the clock. 

"The goal is to capture as many of the feral hogs as possible in a single session," said Charlene Lovato, Animal Services Manager. "This seems realistic with the methods that Animal Removal of Texas is using." 

According to Coppell Police Chief Danny Barton, damage to private property has been minimal and is contained to a small area. No injuries have been reported. 

Coppell residents are encouraged to report feral hog sightings to Animal Services. Residents should not approach the animals. ​

For more information or to report a sighting, contact Coppell Animal Services at 972-304-3515.