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Coppell City Council Approves Interlocal Agreement with DART

At the August 14, 2018 meeting, the Coppell City Council voted to approve the interlocal agreement (ILA) that will convey the necessary real estate to Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) for the construction of the DART Cotton Belt line and station. ​

In return for receiving ownership of the real estate at no cost, DART agreed to realign portions of the proposed Cotton Belt track to the south of Coppell, which will decrease the impact of the line felt by Coppell residents. Pursuant to DART policy, they will also implement mitigation techniques, including quiet zones, traffic signal improvements and an above-grade crossing at Denton Tap Rd.  ​

According to Traci Leach, Coppell Deputy City Manager, an appraisal on this property has not been completed to determine the value of the land. However, this real estate conveyance represents the totality of the City of Coppell's contribution to the Cotton Belt project.​

The City of Coppell is working with DART to determine betterment options, including upgraded landscaping and fencing along the line. However, the City is still exploring options, and the DART Board has not yet finalized a betterments budget. ​

According to the studies conducted, no areas in Coppell meet the criteria that would require DART to install sound walls mitigation. As a result, the Coppell City Council is discussing self-funded sound mitigation options, including the installation of sound walls at specific locations along the line. ​

For more information about the DART Cotton Belt line, visit ​