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Coppell Community Gardens

​Established in 1998, the Coppell Community Garden offers citizens of Coppell a unique opportunity to help their community thrive. Popularity of the garden has steadily grown since its inception, and over the years, has managed to contribute over 100,000 pounds of food for the citizens of Coppell, a testament to their unity and willingness to help others in the city they call home. Volunteers and adopters of plots come together, creating strong bonds in the community. Something as simple as turning compost can become so much more when strangers are brought together in the task of helping others.

The Coppell Community Garden is very much a reflection of the community itself, and often has volunteers donating plants from all over the world to celebrate the diversity of the residents of Coppell. Each member of the community can feel as though they carry a piece of home with them right here in our town. In addition, at least 80 percent of what the garden produces is given to charities like Metrocrest Social Services, which distributes food to members of the community in need.

Looking ahead, organizers would like to see more involvement from local schools. There are tremendous educational opportunities in the garden, and hands on experience has proven to be the best method for the current gardeners. By adopting a 4' x 20' plot in the garden for a small fee, residents are given the knowledge and tools they need to properly care for their plot and their community.

Among the ways members of the community can get involved with the Coppell Community Garden is to adopt a plot. You can also sign up as a part of the Youth Action and visit on Saturday mornings from 8:30 am – 10:30 am at our Ground Delivery Garden. Volunteers there learn an extensive amount about landscaping, horticulture, gardening and much more. For those especially dedicated, there are three youth positions on the Coppell Community Garden board and there are also positions to teach and educate others once a month on the Environmental Education Committee.

Whether it's adopting a plot for a year or even volunteering for just a day, harvesting crops or organizing tool sheds, there's always something that you can do to help the Coppell Community Garden, and the City of Coppell, thrive.​