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Coppell Recognized as a Budget-friendly City for Homeowners with a Mortgage

​​Coppell has been recognized as one of the most budget-friendly cities in the country for homeowners with a mortgage by LendEDU. 

LendEDU, a website that helps users learn about and compare financial products such as student loans, credit cards and more, made this designation by analyzing real estate data from more than 25,000 cities in the US, then ranked each city based on the percentage of homes where the mortgage was 30% or more of the household income. Those with the lowest percentages of homes with a pricey mortgage made the list. As a general rule, financial experts recommend that a mortgage cost no more than 28% of the household income to allow for a more comfortable budget.

Only cities with at least 7,000 households with a mortgage were considered. Of the 7,959 houses with mortgages in Coppell, only 1,769 or 22.23% were at or above that 30% mark. Coppell ranked #260 in the country and #19 in Texas overall.

Coppell's favorable ranking indicates that home values are affordable relative to typical salaries in the area.​

Please visit to view the full report.