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Denton Creek Erosion

​​March 9, 2016


The City of Coppell is aware of the erosion occurring along Parker Drive adjacent to Denton Creek. Over the past several months, homeowners affected by the Denton Creek bank erosion have sought monetary assistance from the City to help remedy their situation. 

The following are a series of activities occurring since spring 2015:

​May/June 2015​Major rain events / Record rainfall followed by Tropical Storm Bill 
​May 29, 2015​FEMA issues Disaster Declaration Texas Severe Storms, Tornadoes, Straight-line Winds, and Flooding (DR-4223)
Incident period: May 04, 2015 to June 23, 2015
Major Disaster Declaration declared on May 29, 2015
​June 2015​City staff was first contacted about erosion on private property along Denton Creek by residents on Parker Drive.
​August 2015​Discussion began between Halff Associates, Inc., and City Staff regarding a citywide storm water management study to include Denton Creek.
​November 2015​Parker Drive homeowners appear before City Council during the Citizen’s Appearance portion of the meeting to request the City to fund improvements on private property.

Engineering staff met with a small group of affected Parker Drive residents.
Additional rain events occurred.
​December 2015​Homeowners appeared before Council during a citizen initiated agenda item to seek emergency relief and/or funding.  

The City’s long standing policy is that maintenance and improvements on private property are the responsibility of the owner of the private property. 

Additionally, the City Attorney advised the City Council that the Texas Constitution prohibits the City from using public funds to make repairs or improvements on private property.  The City Council took no action on this item. 

Additional rain events occurred.​
​January 2016Homeowners appeared before Council during a citizen initiated agenda item seeking summaries of permitting processes, and requesting that the City engage with the Corps of Engineers and FEMA to collaborate on a solution.

It was reiterated again, during the council meeting, that it is the private property owner’s responsibility to maintain and improve their private property.  Additionally, the City Attorney reminded that the Texas Constitution prohibits the City from using the public funds to make repairs or improvements on private property.

City Staff commented to the City Council that a proposal for studying all the drainage basins located within the City of Coppell, beginning with the Denton Creek basin should be forthcoming.

The City Council considered a motion for the citizen’s request that evening.  The motion failed.  
​March/April 2016​Council to consider a contract for a detailed study and development of alternatives to address drainage along Denton Creek from SH121 to the Elm Fork of the Trinity River.

The cause of the erosion along Denton Creek on private property along Parker Drive is a result of unprecedented rain events compounded by release of water from Lake Grapevine/Lewisville by the Corps of Engineers, both of which are beyond the control of the City of Coppell.

Multiple media outlets have reported on this issue since the fall of 2015.  Recent media reports have indicated that high water is at unprecedented levels, covering sidewalks and walkways along the creek.  The public area along Denton Creek is a designated floodplain and it is not uncommon to see water inundation in those areas especially after any type of heavy rainfall or release of water from the Corps of Engineers.

Since the first meeting with homeowners, the City has provided access to files relating to all development within their subdivision.  City staff continue to request a meeting with the homeowners and their engineer to review documentation and discuss options that could remedy their concerns.  To date, the homeowners have not requested a meeting with City staff. ​