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Dinosaur George Nov. 18

At 10:00 am and 11:00 am Saturday, November 18, the Friends of Coppell Nature Park (FCNP) will host "Dinosaur George" at the Biodiversity Education Center (BEC), 367 Freeport Pkwy. Dinosaur George is a traveling museum and assembly program that teaches students and dinosaur enthusiasts about the amazing creatures that once ruled our planet. With visual relics and displays, the program will be enjoyed by all ages. Dinosaur George also offers dinosaur relics of all kinds for those who collect prehistoric history – from rare dinosaur replicas to children's dinosaur books and videos.

"When I was a kid, I was one of those kids that never lost my excitement about (dinosaurs)," said George Blasing, also known as Dinosaur George. "How big they are, and how unusual they are ... the most important thing to me is the mystery and how much more there is to know about them."

Blasing is a self-taught paleontologist and animal behaviorist with more than 35 years of study and research. He has spent more than 17 years teaching elementary, intermediate and middle school students about the amazing creatures that once ruled our planet, and he's dug up more than 1,000 dinosaur bones. Dinosaur George has performed live to over 3 million people across North America.

This is an extremely popular presentation so seating is restricted to tickets purchased in advance online. Dinosaur George tickets can be purchased at or from the Biodiversity Education Center page on Facebook under Dinosaur George. There will be two one-hour presentations – one at 10:00 am and one at 11:00 am. Admission tickets are $5 per person per session.

FCNP is a 501(c) (3), non-profit corporation committed to supporting Coppell Nature Park (CNP) through fund raising, publicity, education and volunteer park maintenance. The Foundation is directed by dedicated Coppell citizens and acts as a mentor for the volunteerism of hundreds of families and students. FCNP commits its annual budget to the development and maintenance of CNP and implementation of environmental education programs at the BEC.

CNP is situated at 367 Freeport Parkway on the west side of Coppell. The BEC is only open to the public during center program offerings. Further information about CNP and FCNP is available at