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Employee Spotlight

Denny Brown - Parks & Rec

​Denny Brown - Parks and Recreation Special Project Crew Leader

Originally from West Virginia, Denny came to Texas in 1967 to visit his sister. Here, he met his wife, Sheila, and decided to build a family. His wife has since passed away, but Denny is surrounded by close friends and family, including his daughter, Corissa, who is a first grade teacher at Lee Elementary in Coppell.

In his free time, Denny enjoys hunting with his daughter on a friend’s ranch in Abilene. His favorite food is Italian food, specifically spaghetti and meatballs. If Denny could go back to any time in history, he says he would go back to the 50s and 60s, when we didn’t have what we have now, but had so much more than what we have now. Denny has traveled to many states, and does not have a huge desire to travel more. But, his wife had always dreamed of visiting Hawaii, so if he were to travel, that is where he would go.

Denny has worked for the City of Coppell for seventeen years. After retiring as a municipal employee in a neighboring community, Denny started his career for the City of Coppell as a laborer, and held the position of park technician before being promoted to Special Project Crew Leader. Denny dedicates himself to helping the citizens of Coppell, and enjoys working special events. In addition, he feels as though his co-workers are a second family. Everyone with the City of Coppell makes him feel that way, from the bottom to the top. He says it is just one of those jobs you don’t mind getting up and going to, and loves everything about his job with the City of Coppell.