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Employee Spotlight

Barbara Meger - HR


When you walk through the doors at Town Center, you'll hear Barbara Meger's customary cheerful greeting followed by a joke, a song or one of her favorite catch phrases. Whichever you get, it is sure to bring a smile to your face and stick with you throughout the day. Her energy is contagious and her knowledge is broad helping to cure what ails you from a departmental inquiry to a bad mood.

Barb operates the front desk at Town Center as the Human Resources Assistant, but as the first person residents interact with when contacting the City, she's actually the face of the City of Coppell. She fills her role with a certain flair that only a certified "people person" could possess.

In fact, people have always been Barb's specialty. From a young age, she was striking up conversations with strangers in the grocery store and entertaining the masses in a combination roller skating rink and pizza restaurant in her native Chicago as a singing and dancing host and server in high school.

After moving to San Antonio for college and earning a bachelor's degree in childcare, Barb was bitten by the travel bug and spent a few years exploring Australia and New Zealand, continuing to hone her people skills and make lifelong friends at odd jobs along the way. Although she admits her culinary skills, including introducing enchiladas to her Aussie friends, might have helped. Trying out new and different recipes is still something she enjoys doing on the weekends with her husband, Steve.

While Barb has been a permanent figure at Town Center for three years, the City has reaped the benefits of her life experiences for several years first as a Coppell resident herself, then as an administrative temp. There are very few people who can remember your name, introduce employees of similar interests and backgrounds and turn something as simple as paying your water bill into a delightful experience like Barb can. Those connections are what Barb loves about her job and the City of Coppell and they are what make Barb an asset to the City's team. ​