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Get Fit in Coppell

​​Coppell boasts a wide variety of options for all types of individuals pursuing their own unique fitness goals. Features from sports to nature trails offer something for everyone.​

The CORE has a large selection of workout equipment and weight machines, perfect for someone who wants to start a workout routine that includes weight training, swimming, basketball, and more. If a one-stop shop is what you need to realize your fitness goals, The CORE is what you’re looking for.

Coppell’s nature paths are currently under construction, but once completed along with the rest of the Andrew Brown Project later this year, there will be roughly 14 miles of trails and walking paths, and include workout stations to supplement any hike or jog.  Suitable for those with more time for their fitness routines, using the trails can not only help your physical state with exercise, but your mental state as well by being immersed in Coppell’s beautiful nature scene.

Parks break up the hustle and bustle of Coppell’s busy roads and populated neighborhoods. Wagon Wheel park is especially notable for its 153 acres of green space, nature paths, and sports fields. Have fun with the family, watch the local teams practice and play baseball, or compete on Wagon Wheel’s expansive tennis courts.

The courts have much to offer, from social tennis matches that build relations and burn calories, to single practice with a ball machine which can hold up to 300 tennis balls for an intense workout. On top of that, trained tennis professionals are present to help you get to the top of your game. Participation in a low key tennis doubles match can burn up to 582 calories in 1.5 hours. If that’s not enough, make your “doubles” a “single” and a power launching networker could burn up to 945 calories in the same 1.5 hours.  Come run, rally and repeat to achieve your fitness goals.

Classes are a definite good choice for those seeking to reach their fitness goals through enjoyable activities. One of the most popular fitness activities at Coppell’s Senior Center is line dancing (Thursdays at 10:45 AM), a perfect way to get active while meeting new people and learning something fun. If dancing isn’t your style, try Yoga, Zumba or taking a part in the Old Town Community Garden for a slower paced but rewarding hobby.

Coppell is also proud to join many other Texas communities in the It’s Time Texas Community Challenge, which chooses five of the most health oriented communities based on size. The winners last year included San Antonio, Garland, and Coppell.

The ITT Community Challenge runs from January 9  through March 31 and looks for communities that demonstrate a motivation for wellness by looking for citizens taking part in all types of activities that benefit health and fitness. Living Well in Coppell is promoting the event to support Coppell’s continued passion for wellness and an active population.

It’s not totally about winning awards, but with all Coppell has to offer, you can bet getting there will be fun and worthwhile for everyone. Coppell’s atmosphere of activity and awareness is a great boon to it’s community cohesion and the strong relationships found here.​