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Holiday Home Tour

​Does the interior of your home turn into a holiday wonderland during the Christmas season? Does it become a crystal palace, a magical toyland, a fantasy of evergreens adorned with hundreds of ribbons and lights, or perhaps have a special theme? If it does, the Coppell Assistance League would love to have you join its annual Home Tour.

For the last 18  years, one of the most anticipated events in Coppell around the Christmas Holiday has been the Assistance League's Home Tour, which provides funds for that organization's outreach programs. 

Thanks to Coppell's support of this event, the Assistance League has clothed children through Operation School Bell, given talks around town on Drug and Alcohol dangers with Fatal Vision Googles, made available free drug/alcohol test kits to parents, assisted the high school with Shattered Dreams and mentored at-risk children in the middle schools.

"Not forgetting our Golden Citizens, every week the League entertains residents at River Oaks with group crossword puzzles, which we are told is the number one event many of the residents look forward to attending," Assistance League president Bobbie King said.

As it takes time to organize and coordinate the Home Tour, please let the League know before the end of July if you would like to share your interior decorating creativity with your fellow citizens this year. Just email the League at or visit their website for more information.