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Know Your H2O! How Much Water Are You Using?

​How well do you know your H2O? The City's Advanced Water Meter System's customer portal​ provides you with a tool to learn how much water you are using, and you might be surprised! Many of us do not realize how much water is used when we wash a load of clothes or take a shower. Each area and appliance in your home uses a different amount of water based on a number of factors, including age of the appliance and water habits of users. Knowing the average amount of water used when completing everyday tasks in your home can help you get to know your H2O even better and further reduce consumption.

  • Bath— A full tub is about 36 gallons. Save water by taking a shower instead.

  • Shower— Up to five gallons per minute. Reduce that amount to two gallons per minute by installing water-saving shower heads.

  • Brushing Teeth— Less than one gallon, but more if you leave the water running. Turn off the tap and replace old faucets for a quick and simple reduction.

  • Washing Hands/Face and Shaving— About one gallon. Install a faucet-head aerator to reduce the flow rate.

  • Washing Dishes— 6-16 gallons for the dishwasher and 8-27 gallons for hand washing. Replacing that old dishwasher with a new EnergyStar model and using efficient hand washing techniques such as soaking dishes beforehand can drastically reduce usage.

  • Washing Clothes— 25-40 gallons per load based on the age of your washer. EnergyStar washers save a lot of water as well as electricity. 

  • Toilets— Three gallons per flush. Cut that nearly in half by installing low-flow toilets.​

Do you want to increase your water knowledge even more? Check out this online water use calculator at The interactive tool allows you to plug in information specific to your household for a more accurate estimate of your water consumption and provides additional tips on how to save water in different areas of your home.