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Cycling Signs and Safety

​​​​Bikes May Use Full Lane

Over the past several months, Coppell police and fire personnel have responded to several vehicle/cyclist accidents, one of which involved a fatality injury.  On Tuesday, Jan. 26, staff sought council permission to begin installing bike lane signs along the more heavily traveled bike routes.  Council fully endorses this strategy.
The signs are currently being manufactured.  Once completed, staff will begin installing the signs.  It is our hope that these signs will serve as a reminder to both motorists and cyclists that the roadway must be shared.
Two types of signs will be installed and the locations will determine which one will be used:



May Use Full Lane
Used on two-lane roadways.
​May Use Full Lane – Change Lanes to Pass
Used on roadways where two or more lanes go in the same direction (such as a 4- or 6-lane roadway).
​Proposed Bicycle Travel Signage Map​

Cyclist have the legal right to use a full lane.   Learn more about the State Statutes, Texas Transportation Code​
While the signs are a good reminder for the traveling public, they cannot prevent accidents.  Both motorists and cyclist share the responsibility of following the rules of the road.  Whether you are on a bicycle or in a car, your full attention is needed.  Please share the road and travel safely!  ​