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Median Improvements Update

​Some changes have taken place in the medians and intersections throughout the City of Coppell as a part of the Streetscape Improvements Project. Funded by the continued collection of the Coppell Recreation and Development Corporation (CRDC) ½ cent sales tax approved by voters in 2013, this project is part of the City's Bold Vision, Big Impact Campaign and includes visual enhancements to medians in several major intersections and thoroughfares.

Some of the median improvements include xeriscape landscaping, which uses drought-resistant plants and hardscape materials to reduce water usage and maintenance, while adding visual appeal and interest. Other visual enhancements include median lighting, burying nearby overhead utility lines and signage as pictured below. The CRDC ½ cent sales tax also covers the maintenance and operation expenses associated with these improvements.

Historical collections show that about 65 percent of the sales tax collected in Coppell comes from non-Coppell residents primarily because of the successful economic development efforts established in the City's business district. These business-to-business entities on the west side of the community play a large role in generating sales tax revenue to fund current and future projects.

The Streetscape Improvements Project is part of a larger mission to create a cohesive image of the City and carry out the strategies outlined in the Vision 2030 Plan, which help to differentiate Coppell as a community of choice.

Learn more or revisit the Streetscape Improvements Project here and Coppell's Vision 2030 Plan here.​

This is one of four monument signs located on the medians at the intersection of Denton Tap and Sandy Lake Road, which were designed to accentuate the major intersection and tie surrounding features into the roadway.