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NTECC Information

The City of Coppell would like to provide information regarding two projects closely related; implementation of a new public safety radio system and consolidation of public safety communication service, or the North Texas Emergency Communications Center (NTECC) which includes Coppell, Carrollton, Farmers Branch and Addison.​

The radio project is in response to a federal mandate requiring public safety entities to bring communication systems into compliance with new digital technology by upgrading to a P25 standards-based radio system.  The City of Coppell currently utilizes an analog Motorola radio system that is aging and based on older technology.

The City of Coppell reviewed the option to purchase a P25 radio system on our own, or partner with other cities, thus sharing the cost.  After much consideration, Coppell decided to partner with Carrollton, Farmers Branch and Addison because of greater cost efficiencies. 

The Harris radio system was selected through an extensive Request For Proposal process, followed by all four cities recommending Harris as the vendor.

Coppell has not transitioned over to the Harris radio system and we have no plans to do so until the system performs in an acceptable manner.

Neither the public nor any Coppell safety personnel or service have been compromised in any way at any time.

We are withholding additional payments to Harris for the radio project until all their issues are resolved. 

The NTECC project is a concept that the City has explored for many years because of the expected benefits including expanding the pool of communications personnel available during higher call volume times, and reduced long-term costs through combining resources to diminish duplication of expensive technology infrastructure.

The City of Coppell has not laid off any dispatch personnel.  All current personnel have been offered positions at the new dispatch center.

The City has shared in the costs associated with the implementation of the center to include the technology infrastructure, building modifications needed to construct a dispatch center, and the filling of key positions needed to launch this effort. 

Coppell is scheduled to move to the new dispatch center in March 2016.  We will be the third of the four cities to move into the facility.  All four cities will continue to operate on the current Motorola radio system until such time that the Harris radio system is fully accepted. 

For more information about this project please contact Brad Simpkins at 972-304-3507.​