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Peaceful Demonstration Planned for July 3

​​A peaceful demonstration is expected to take place near the intersections of Parkway/Heartz Road, Denton Tap/Parkway, Denton Tap/Sandy Lake, and Sandy Lake/Heartz on Friday, July 3 from 7 p.m. to approximately 8:30 p.m.

Demonstrators plan to gather at Andy Brown Park East and march to Town Center. Participants will stop at Town Center before heading west along Parkway Blvd. to Denton Tap, where they plan to turn south to Sandy Lake. Once on Sandy Lake, participants will travel east to Heartz Road. From there, demonstrators will turn north onto Parkway Blvd. and conclude the march at Andy Brown Park East. Impacts to roadways are anticipated, so please plan ahead. 

While the City of Coppell administration and Police Department are in contact with the demonstration organizers, the City is not directly involved in protest planning. Details may be fluid. ​

The City of Coppell fully supports resident's right to peacefully demonstrate and is dedicated to ensuring the health and safety of the community. The City encourages all demonstrators to wear masks, frequently use hand sanitizer and maintain social distance.