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Pokèmon Go Stops Located Around Coppell

Get Around Town and Join the Fun!

​​​Pokèmon Go is taking over smart devices everywhere and has Coppell residents out looking for their favorite creatures throughout the city. From Town Center, parks, restaurants and even churches, Pokèstops are all over town! We have compliled a guide to help you find Pokèmon and reach your gaming goals. More will be added as we discover them, and feel free to email us with locations we may have missed. Happy hunting!

Disclaimer: Please be careful when exploring for Pokèmon. Stay vigilant and remain aware of your surroundings. City Ordinance 9-11-3 states all parks and athletic facilities are closed at sunset unless scheduled under a License and Use Agreement with the city.  ​Under no circumstance should you drive and play Pokèmon Go, or any other game on a digital device.  Coppell Police will enforce city ordinances and state traffic laws.


City Facilities
Allen Road Park (2)
Andover Fountain (fountain in the pond on Andover)
Village Fountains (across the street from Allen Road Park)
William T. Cozby Public Library (old location)
Moore Rd. Park (3)
   - Coppell Trail Marker #2
   - Coppell Trail Marker #6
   - Denton Creek Riparian Forest Marker
Andrew Brown Park East
Kid Country Hippo Sculpture
The CORE Aquascape (Kid’s Outdoor Play Area)
Andrew Brown Park Central
Coppell Water Tower (next to Animal Services)
Main Street Interactive Fountain
Coppell Historical Park
Kirkland House (in Old Town Coppell)
Hunterwood Park
Grapevine Springs Park (5)
   - Grapevine Springs Park Historical Marker
Grapevine Springs Park Reflection Pool
   - Grapevine Lions Memorial Stone
   - McGee Loop
   - Grapevine Springs Park Historical Chimney
Wagon Wheel Park (3)
   - Wagon Wheel Baseball Fields
   - Wagon Wheel Park Windmill
   - Wagon Wheel Wilt Way Trail
BEC and Coppell Nature Park (5)
   - Biodiversity Education Center
   - Gazebo at Coppell Nature Park
   - Bulletin Board at Coppell Nature Park
   - Entry Sign at Coppell Nature Park
   - Trails Entrance at Coppell Nature Park
Thweatt Park
Coppell Post Office
Ground Delivery Community Garden (next to Post Office)
The Duck Pond Park Sign
Andrew Brown Park West
Andrew Brown Park Central
Town Center Plaza (3)
   - Fountains
   - 8-ft Oblelisk
   - Coppell Community Speaking Circle
Coppell Justice Center

Coppell Conservatory School of Music
Millhouse Replica in Old Town Coppell (Main Street entrance monument)
Hard Eight
Texas Ice House Plaque at Hard Eight
Alco Water Fountain (at Bethel and Freeport)
Container Store Entrance Fountain

LDS Church
Rejoice Lutheran Church
Metrocrest Community Church
The Door Church
St. Ann’s (2 – Clock Tower and Fountain)
Coppell Bible Fellowship (2 – Stone Cross  and Monument)
Gracepoint Church


Park Place Swirling Fountain – Lakes of Coppell
Fountain behind the William T Cozby Public Library
Arch Church
St Ann’s Parish Fountain
Painted Water Tank in Old Town
Robertson Pools Fountain
Grapevine Springs Park Well
Wagon Wheel Park Entrance
Wagon Wheel Tennis Center
Coppell Bible Fellowship
The Duck Pond Park Fountain
Town Center Stage
Town Center Obelisk