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Severe Weather in Coppell: Debris Cleanup

​​On Sunday, June 9, a severe thunderstorm passed through the Coppell area. The storm caused some damage around Coppell, and the City's cleanup efforts are underway.

Information from the Coppell Fire Department and Emergency Management Services outlined 19 calls for emergency service related to the storm. The types of calls included downed power lines, fallen trees, fire alarms sounding, lightning strikes, mutual aid and various other storm-related service calls. The Police Department also responded to 20 traffic hazard calls with the overwhelming majority being roadway obstructions from trees or tree limbs. An initial report states that approximately 5,000 Coppell residents experienced power outages.

With many different trees downed or damaged in the area, the Community Development Department is working with Republic Services to assess damage and coordinate a cleanup effort to help residents get rid of branches or debris resulting from the storm. The City's goal is to provide residents time to clean up debris and offer convenient options for disposal. Storm debris will be collected starting next Monday, June 17, and residents are offered two options for debris disposal:

  • Brush, tree branches and tree trimmings will be picked up Wednesday, June 12, on a regular schedule. If residents choose this option, they will need to bundle brush and tree trimmings in bundles of less than four-feet long and tie the bundles with cotton or jute string. Bundles shall weigh less than 40 pounds. All debris put out to be picked up as part of the regular trash service must be bundled or tied.
  • For large debris, place debris in the front right of way (between sidewalk and the curb) by 7 a.m. Monday, June 17. Limbs do not need to be tied and bundled. Any limb 12 inches or greater in diameter or weighing more than 50 pounds must be placed in the front right of way.

If you have any questions about storm debris disposal, call Environmental Health at 972-462-5177 or 972-462-5164.

In the meantime, the Coppell Public Works Department is removing trees and other storm debris from city streets to make sure that traffic is not impacted.

The City of Coppell would also like to remind residents that as a protective measure for homes and business owners, a building permit must be acquired from the Building Inspections Department for the replacement of all roofs, both residential and commercial. The permit ensures that the contractor is registered with the City and that a safety inspection will be performed.

To apply for a permit, visit or visit 265 Parkway Blvd., next to Town Center. For questions, please visit the Building Inspections website at or call 972-304-3500.